Far removed from the turmoil of civilisation, just beyond the Edge of the Dominus' sphere of influence, lives a creature that is above time, nature, and even the Caste System itself. Few know of its existance, and whisper its many titles with fear and adoration: The Alpha. The Progenitor. The Anchor of Dominion. For none dare to call upon it by its true, world-shaking name: Bort.

First being to be shaped by the Mookreator's hand (and, admittedly, his shape does reveal a certain… lack of experience on this omnipotent god's part), the Progenitor is capable of re-writing reality on a whim, break continuity and drain any sense from his surroundings - clearly attributes he shares with the Mookreator himself and signs of his divine descent!

The Progenitor stands above the castes, and even the Dominus himself felt the need to bow down and do hard physical work for the Progenitor, which the latter could have easily accomplished in seconds - the grand manipulator finally found his master. Whether this was for fear of drawing his elder brother's wrath upon him, or whether the Dominus fell victim of the powerful Deegandrug that forced him to accept the superiority of a being of an even higher caste than his own remains a mysterium of Domiology.