Basically the US in a supposedly (but not really) medieval setting, this unfortunate realm has drawn the relentless wrath of the Dominus upon itself. Therefore, it's failings must be pointed out and despised (instead of tolerated, accepted and embraced, as would be the case with other nations).

The population consists of either mindless sheep or ignorant racists (who happen to be 100% spot on with their prejudices).

It is also hated by everyone else.


The kingdom has a monarchical government and is ruled by an invisible king. The government consists of three main branches: The Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch.

The Legislative Branch contains two houses: The House of Jocks and the Senate. The House of Jocks consists of freely elected Jocks who are in the House for life. Originally, their terms were each a year long, but recently it was decided that their terms should be shortened. Jocks are elected based on the most recent Slaugherball tournament results.

The Senate consists of a random law generating computer.

The head of the Executive Branch is the king. The king is elected based on a vote from the people. However, voting is quite difficult as the candidates are all required to remain invisible. As a result of this, the same king has been elected 28 times in a row.

Underneath the king is the king's cabinet, which consists of a paperwork generating machine. Underneath the cabinet is the Department of Paperwork Zombies, which contains every government employee in Callan. The employees are required to fill out all of the paperwork given to them and then send it to the Judicial Branch for review.

The Judicial Branch consists of a gigantic paper shredder named Steve. Steve serves as judge in all court cases. He graduated from law school top of his class. He utterly decimated the final exam, as you can imagine.

Cities in Callan include Barthis, Quiral, Lynn's Brook, and Erossus.