Caste System

The Deeganverse has a simple caste-system, with five castes with a strict hierarchy.

The First Caste is the Deegan Family; they have practically a monopoly on good karma in the Deeganverse. They are good, perfect, always right (including and especially if they are not), and ultimately always win. Association with Dominic is more important than the Deegan name, in this regard: Luna is First Caste, Jacob is not.
Examples: Dominic, Gregory, Luna.

The Second Caste are the Deegan Friends. They, too, are good and (save for occasional moral slips, like Pam's Incredibly Unjust Punishment of Dominic) moral, but lack the power to overcome anything on their own, and therefore need the Deegans to help them. With everything.
Examples: Pam, Milov, Jayden

The Third Caste are the Anti-Heroes. These are morally wrong, but are handsome, powerful and therefore worthy of being saved. The major difference between them and the Fourth Caste is that, while both often exhibit the very same negative traits, the Deegans arbitrarily decide that members of the Third Caste can be forgiven, whereas those of the Fourth Caste cannot. Even if the Third Caste members do things actually much worse.
Examples: Siegfried, Szark, Snowsong, probably Karnak, maybe Celesto

The Fourth Caste are the Enemies. They are precisely the same as the Third Caste, except that they are not redeemable. The reason is: Because. Yep, that's the entire reason. Fourth Caste is often, though not always, ugly, and almost comically over-the-top in their negative traits, prominently racism, and hating gays, (like Szark, who's gay).
Examples: Taggerty, Boris, any infernomancer

Fifth Caste is all the non-magical people who live their lives without any relevance to the plot.
Examples: per definition, Fifth Caste members do not have a name.

The Caste a character belongs to is determined at his birth and, save for a few exceptions, usually does not change. The actual deeds and alignment of a character do not matter: First and Second Caste characters can do things as evil as they wish to, and will be praised for that.
The only Caste-change which occurs often is from Third to Second: redeemed Anti-Heroes ultimately become Deegan Friends. The most prominent examples of this are Szark Sturtz and Bumper. A rarer case might have occured with regard to Celesto: arguably, by blowing Dominic's leg away, the fool might have sealed his fall from Third to Fourth Caste.
Another Caste change could be observed rather recently with the initiation of Nimmel's ascension to First Caste.