Clothing Symbiont

The clothing symbionts (Vestiformus sp.)) are strange clothing-like organisms are most likely either some form of sentient plant or fungus, although just where they truly place on the Dominion tree of life is up to debate amongst Domiologists. Each form of clothing symbiont forms a special bond with a Dominion Ape, exchanging warm and (sometimes questionable) fashionability for safety from their natural predators. Below are some of the more common species.

Dominion Scarf (Vestiformus striatus): This sinuous neck-draping symbionts are notable for their tassled heads and tails and their pattern of bright stripes along the length of the body. They are very selective about their hosts, only going for those they sense have great power or importance; in particular desire by dominion scarves are seers, whose psychic emanations provide them with enough sustenance to grow to truly prodigious sizes. Indeed, many so-called "seer scarves" have actually grown so large that their tails cannot merely loop around their host's neck, and instead continue growing downward to sit beneath the normal clothing of said host.

Spotted Snow Shirt (Vestiformus versicolor): Spotted snow shirts (or "triple S's", for short) are found exclusively in the frozen lands of the Winter Archipelago. Their favored hosts (and, to be frank, the only notable hosts in the archipelago) are spellwolves, although few willingly bond with this gaudy flower-patterned creature. It is believed that spotted snow shirts evolved in a time when the Winter Archipelago actually had seasons, thus explaining their seemingly anachronistic camouflage, although some scholars point to the absence of any proof of these so-called "seasons" ever existing in the werewolf lands as a stumbling block in this hypothesis.