An air-born substance released by the First Caste into the air. Causes sheep-like obliviousness to the First Caste's failings, blind following and deep admiration for all of the First Caste's deeds. Only few remain immune to the Deegandrug's effects.

Its history reaches far into the BD (Before Dominus). It was said that an arcane researcher was developing a cure for Zombies. Unfortunately, while it failed to do so, it created an arcane bomb that exploded imbuing all the researchers with a seed of power. Once that seed came in contact with a "key" element it would activate a power. The information gets fuzzy after that until many generations later:

Dominic (Before he was Lord Dominus) was a descendant of one of those researchers (From his mothers side). While his mother never achieved th seeds total power it did gift her with arcane power, and the ability to crush anything. Dominic, key came in the form of tobacco (Which he must consume continuously in order to keep his gift). It is unknown what happened for a while after that as its possible that Dominic spent years in seclusion studying his power. That would explain the mysterious degeneration of Callanian society over that period.

Coming out of his seclusion, as a first demonstration of his power he took control over a callanian knight, and used him to kill a noblewoman in hopes of manipulating the situation where he could inherit some of her estate. The plan failed because the daughter he was planning to steal the estate from (by marrying her) did not recieve anything. But to his suprise, he discovered that Luna, was also a seed bearer.

Her power was perfection. Every part of her body is perfect. In fact, if you disected her (If you somehow managed to destroy her powerful body shell) any body part could be transplanted into another person. And that person whould gain some of that perfection. And her key was in fact, Dominic. Quickly taking advantage of the situation, Dominic convinced the youngest daughter (Luna) that he was responsible for her sudden increase in every possible skill. Dominic was in a more powerfull position than he could imagine.

Fortunatly though, his brother, accidentally made him unable to inhale tobacco. This temporarily deprived him of his power. After some reaserch with his perfect fiance he discovered that Mavpel candy was an even stronger key, giving access to powers he couldn't even imagine before.