Dominic Deegan

The immaculate self-insertion character, the All-Seeing Eye who is never wrong and solves any problem before the problem even knows it is about to occur. His morals are not to be questioned (even if questionable), he is always right (especially when he is wrong), and his defeats can be but temporary. His mind is superior to demon lords, his perfection knows no bounds. Lord of the First Caste. Champion of Balance. The Dominus. Loved by all, particularly by Szark (he's a gay who loves other men).

The Psalm of the Dominus

Dominus is my Chosen; I shall not be in thought.
He makes me wander featureless plains,
He grants me random encounters,
He lets me see the truth.
He guides me in paths of ignorance
For his name's sake.
Yea, though I dance
Through the mountain of the shadow of Orcs
I will fear no clans—
For I have Huk-Thak,
Adept at killing,
And the nakta protects me.
You prepare a sacrifice for me
In the presence of a necromancer.
You grant me the powers of Sue;
My heart runneth over with joy.
Surely mindless drones will follow me
All the days of their lives,
And the third caste will dwell in Aberthast