Gregory Deegan

Dominic's submissive younger brother and the Second Puppet. A brainwashed god and part-time superhero.

Due to extensive childhood trauma, Greg has developed a severe case of multiple personality disorder, and switches back and forth between personalities whenever convenient.

His initial personality was naive and idealistic, yet humble and kind. Humble Greg aspired to be a great healer, and did whatever he could to help others. Although Humble Greg was initially attracted to Jayden, he soon fell for Pam, who admired Humble Greg's compassion.

After Greg's blight was removed by Jacob, a second, more childlike personality emerged. While Humble Greg had an innocent childlike charm, Child Greg was remarkably immature, as if he had not progressed past early adolescence. Through manipulation by Dominic, Child Greg split off an additional personality known as the Aardvark. Child Greg's dominance combined with the emergence of the Aardvark led Pam to end their relationship.

After the loss of his white magic, a fourth personality emerged. This most recent personality, known as Smug Greg, is noted for being a total jackass. Around this time, Greg attempted to start a band, but with his personalities in conflict, was unable to find a creative voice, ended up doing whatever anyone else said, no matter how stupid the idea. Upon meeting Randy Thrasher and Taz MaDara, Smug Greg took control, and the three of them formed a band, naming it Facebath after the humiliating medical procedure his friend Dex has to endure on a daily basis.