Inappropriate Wall

A recently introduced character, originally mistaken for a chimney despite the lack of a fume outlet, the Wall has since reappeared in FaRIA, land of the elves, and followed Dominic and Luna around the world, apparently drawn to exceedingly absurd and/or clichéd situations.

Its evident purpose is best explained by its inanity: always spotted where it is obviously useless, yet seeming to be a natural part of its surroundings as well. It also has to be noted when it was shown: The first time, a stereotypical mysterious cloaked assassin knelt on it. The second time, it was embedded in the structure of a clichéd elf village. Afterwards, it showed up in the Wild Edge Territories, in a compound otherwise surrounded by wooden palisades, when Luna and Dominic heroically saved Stunt from getting fired by telling his employer how he risked their lives and contravened her instructions. Its last sighting was in Semash, directly after Scarlatti’s rather peculiar behavior which probably attracted it.

This character is obviously meant to illustrate that behind the cliché, behind the generic fantasy tale, behind this mask that appears almost too familiar lies a world of absurdity.

The fact that this is achieved by randomly placing an everyday object like a brickwall inmidst a city or other settlement, where it would normally belong yet doesn’t truly makes it a dadaist masterpiece.