Jacob Deegan

A sad example of what happens to those who are Evil when they develop motives (or "reveal," if we suspend disbelief and presume that they were designed with these goals in mind). Initially capable of doing many scary things, Jacob's newly acquired actual goals soon neutered him of Evil, and thus, competence. His greatest accomplishments include, in chronological order:
-Telling some poor misguided idiots that Vilrath died three days ago - he killed him himself.
-Creating a cross between Forrest Gump and Frankenstein.
-Combining necrophilia and narcissism via attempting to turn himself into a "zombie alive."
-Creating zombie hookers.
-Being pimp-slapped by a spear that is highly adept at killing after trying to take it without saying please.
-Becoming the first person to recieve a full bill of payment for his Outrage, after beating up a cripple that attacked him first.