Lynn's Brook

The little town of Lynn's Brook is a most wretched haven for jocks and other worthless Fourth Caste scum, cursed with the Dominus' uttermost contempt. While this was formerly believed to be mere happenstance, newer research hints at a much darker nature of this accursed trap. Lynn's Brook harbour a malicious source of evil power which corrupts everything in the town's vicinity, lowering intelligence and Caste status of everyone who stays in it for too long. Many of the town's inhabitants may well have formerly been innocent Fifth Caste or even good-hearted Third and Second Caste members, before the Horror of Lynn's Brook changed them into the monsters they are now. Sometimes single positive character traits they used to have before Lynn's Brook devoured them can still shimmer through. Even a short stay in this accursed region suffices to bestow a character with horrid deeds in his past. This is also what kept the Dominus' power in check while he still lived there, depowering him and greatly lessening his Sueness.

Even though it might appear Lynn's Brook was destroyed by TIM and Celesto Morgan, it still lives on, for Lynn's Brook is far more than just a town; it lives, it feeds… it grows.

A rumour says that if one speaks the town's name with the order of the two words inverted, one's brain will explode.