The homeland of the orcs. A land that is a phenomenon even by Dominion's standards. It allegedly used to be a grassy plain, but nowadays it's a desert. It's a very curious desert, however - it's unique properties allow old friends, raiders, and enormous mountains to hide and attack from ambush despite the area being completely featureless. One possible explanation is that in Maltak, Dominion's poorly defined laws of nature turn to those of a JRPG, where invisible random encounters stray loose. Also, it might be theorized that before it was turned into a desert, vegetables grew on Maltak in a matter of days, as it's the case on the magically restored pieces of grassland.

Further evidence also indicates that due to some strange planar inconsistency, the warped sense of reality of whatever gods created the plains, or those that named the area the "Plains" of Maltak being in a drunken stupor, the Maltak Plains are grotesquely distorted spacially, stretching for over a thousand miles in each direction, giving it a total land area of approximately twelve square feet.