Long thought a relatively harmless (if addicting) candy, this substance is in fact the foundation of the First Caste’s powers. Using specialised glands, they transform Mavpel into the chemical known as the Deegandrug and expel it as a gas. Mavpel deprivation can lead to psychological breakdown in the First Caste, with symptoms including outbursts of berserk rage, drastically-lowered Mary-Sue levels and a higher-than-usual drive to mind rape. Ambitious lower-caste members can use this to their advantage, as when Cassafin Sunderliss usurped Dominus’ rightful position as headteacher.

The only known location of Mavpel plantations is the Winter Archipelago, increasing its importance to the First Caste and explaining the teleportation ban there. The supply of Mavpel was cut off by the Archipelago recently, possibly as part of a werewolf rebellion, but the crisis was resolved when the “archtraitor” Milov Danovich broke the embargo and granted the Dominus his own personal Mavpel supply.