A strange creature, of which two races, mookius vulgaris and mookius nobilis, have been identified so far. Distinguished for their intellect and flawlessness, Mookinsertions are living avatars of the Mookie on the physical plane, and are, as such, immortal - the most lethal weapons will cause only minor injuries to a Mookinsertion, which will (of course) be forgotten as soon as the arc is over. Typically, a Mookinsertion lives in human disguise for up to thirty years, before it begins its metamorphosis to a fully grown Mookie Sue. This process can be easily observed in a rapid rise through the Castes - within only a few years, a Mookinsertion can grow from Fifth Caste to Second, bordering First.

A mookius vulgaris is lauded for its intellect and skills at all times, and may even every now and then save the day.

A mookius nobilis is Dominic Deegan. 'Nuff said.