Red Shirt Soup Wench

A very special specimen of the Fifth Caste species, this curious creature can live for as long as thirty years apart of the protagonists. However, sooner or later, in a fashion similar to lemmings' mass suicide, these beings are drawn into the proximity of First and Second Caste members, where their function is to serve them soup (though rarer sub-species have been observed to secrete other liquid beverages instead). When they do so, they produce special pheromones, which can be perceived by the current story arc's antagonist and throw him or her into a murderous frenzy, which does not end until the Red Shirt Soup Wench has been slaughtered horribly. Considering how unlikely it is that such a creature would have evolved on its own, it is probable that Red Shirt Soup Wenches have been genetically engineered by the First Caste to make their opponents look more bad-ass, and thus enhance the glory of the First Caste when they defeat them in the end.