A plant apparently named by a botanist with a sick sense of humor and knowledge of the orcish language, the sheeta plant is able to move its entire girth through the ground like a great phytoformian mole (just HOW it does this act is up to debate by many domiologists). An ambush predator, the sheeta sits perfectly still beneath the soil, waiting for an unlucky (or improbably short-sighted) gathering of creatures or beings to nest upon its designated patch of soil. Prey items are then lovingly caressed by its tentacles like a hentai monster octopus before being pulled into its maw for a meeting with its digestive enzymes.

The fine, invisible spores of the Sheeta Plant are known to affect the brain, loosening the victims' control over their speech and dragging irrelevant trivia into their minds, causing them to compulsively give exposition or describe what is happening around them. This, presumably, serves to prevent them from escaping, as the primitive brains of Dominion Ape are unable to focus on talking and fleeing/fighting simultaneously. It is currently unknown as to how biologically close the sheeta is to the galloping orc-hunter plants of Maltak's olden plains.