Also known as "Snuggly" or "The Beast". The "avatar of snuglyness"; a being of purity and innocence from the planes beyond all reason and imagination, resembling an amoeboid eyeball surrounded by a mass of tentacles.

Though his exact motives are unknown, Snuggly is a kind and simple creature who just wants friends and hugs. As a being from an isolated plane, Snuggly was very lonely. He befriended TIM when the latter was cast into his dimension by Miranda Deegan. He tried to befriend Celesto, but Celesto, being the loner that he is, rejected Snuggly's offer and fled. After the attack on Lynn's Brook, Dominic met Snuggly during his attempt to scry on Celesto. Unfortunately, Snuggly's strangely cute appearance did not conform to Lord Dominus' standards of goodness; naturally, Dominic blamed Snuggly for the recent troubles and attacked him.