Snarker Index

Name: accountingninja
Started reading: From the beginning!
Joined GitP thread: Lurked a long time before jumping in just a few pages ago.
Starting disposition: I actually heard about DD from "Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad". I just had to see what rankled Solomon so. But in the beginning I didn't think it was THAT bad, except the puns, which I hate. So call me: Groaning a bit, but still engaged.
Time to convert (if applicable): During Battle of Barthis I began thinking, "This is stoopid!" But I may have been pre-biased because I'd already discovered this site.
Current stance: Oh, who could pass this up? It's just magnificently BAD! It's a GOLD MINE of laughs! I've always been an MST3K fan.

Name: AgentPaper
Started Reading: Heard about it a few years back, decided it wasn't worth reading at about strip #6 or so.
Joining GiTP Thread: Somehow found the strip slay thread a while back, around when the maltak arc started I think, and then had to go through an archive trawl to catch up.
Starting Disposition: Thought it was a worthless webcomic, didn't read it past the first few strips.
Time to Convert: As soon as I saw the strip slays, which were the first time I really got any enjoyment out of the comic. I didn't even start reading the comic until after I was a snarker, really.
Current Stance: Mostly bile fascination with the comic itself, as well as true fascination with the snarkers and the Domiverse we've built up over the years.

Name: Akedhi
Started Reading: I don't honestly remember. I think it was somewhere around the end of Battle for Barthis, because I remember reading through most of that in a sitting.
Joining Thread: Posted once during Shadows, and one other time during the vacation arc, but I read the thread daily after reading the comic.
Starting Disposition: I thought it was cute and kind of entertaining, and it made me smile. The orc rape storyline didn't bother me at first - even now, doesn't bother me as much as it seems to bother a lot of people - because the situation could have been fascinating, if Mookie had handled it well. (Which, you know, he can't. So.)
Time to Convert: I think it was around the beginning of Snowsong, though I still hoped that Mookie might improve.
Current Stance: I've about given up on DD, but the thread is interesting enough to keep me reading.

Name: Aidan305
Started Reading: Battle for Barthis
Joining GiTP Thread: Same Time
Starting Disposition: Contentment
Time to Convert: First sighting of Aardvark, though hope was retained until Zombie Dex
Current Stance: Were it not for this thread I would have given up on DD long ago.

Name: Amazed
Started Reading: hmm, *strums lip* actually around the war in Hell stage
Joining GiTP Thread: I believe I started lurking around say the current arc, as we all know was a long time ago.
Starting Disposition: A fan more or less, but I was diddling around on here one day, and once I started reading the reads, I realized what everyone said was more or less right, and the plain crazy that is dominic deegan was revealed to me in one crashing moment
Time to Convert: Geez like a couple seconds after processing the thread, I think I was pretty much prepared to snark, I just wasnt really thinking about it, since at the most I was only a casual deegan fan
Current Stance:Snarker ready and willing

Name: Arakune former ryuan
Started Reading: Around Snowsong, don't remember now
Joining GiTP Thread: In the EPIC THREAD!
Starting Disposition: Neutral, I didn't know the comic existed
Time to Convert: When I finished all the archive. Oh.. boy, the supergreg…
Current Stance: A proud snarker.

Name: Artevoi
Started Reading: About the end of the dreaded "Snowsong" arc. (During the big exposition week).
Joining GitP thread: Started reading thread after I heard about it at TV Tropes. Just now started posting. (I think the comic was just before "World Tour" by then)
Starting Disposition: Meh.
Time to convert: I gave the comic a pass during my Archive Binge, Snowsong (I assumed Terracciano was trying to be funny), and Shadows (Bad breakup, I assumed) but drew the line during the Oracle Hunter arc (especially when the Dominus was "redeeming" the unrepentant murderer, just because she told a sob story that made no sense).
Current Stance: I read only for the snark at this point.

Name: averagejoe
Started Reading: I read from the first page. I think at the time the comic was at "Wrapped up and Returned." I dunno, I don't feel like checking. The most current comics were the ones where Szark (who is gay) was being accused of trying to turn his students gay.
Joining GitP thread: Lurked for awhile, but I was dissapointed to find actual fans and thought it would be kind of a jerk move if I just went in and was like, "This comic sucks, guys."
Starting Disposition: Curious, and somewhat fascinated. There was a lot I didn't like about it, but it was charming in its way, and somewhat exciting. (The Knight Vision strip still makes me laugh.)
Time to convert: It was more of a slow process, really. For example, I was bothered by the whole, "It's wrong to kill all people because then you might kill some people who are worth saving," philosophy present in the Storm of Souls, but this wasn't enough to push me over the edge, it just added to the pile, to mix metaphors. At the orc rape storyline, though, I knew I had to snark the strip. I knew there were probably people who thought this made a good or interesting story, and I knew it was my job, nay, my sacred duty to set them straight.
Current Stance: Still fascinated but getting increasingly irritated and bored with the comic.

Name: busterswd
Started reading: "Taggerty is an *** part 1" storyline
Joined GitP thread: After Siegfried died
Starting disposition: Daily updates on a fantasy story with magic? Not a bad way to waste a minute or so.
Time to convert (if applicable): …did he just justify raping a little girl…?
Current stance: "Let's see if there's any new strip slays… what are they talking about? Oh right, I didn't check for a new comic on the actual site yet."

Name: Clockwork Seal
Started reading: I can't give you a day at the moment. I started reading it when someone in my IRC channel shouted CURSE YOU RUNCIBLE SPOOOOOON! and linked it, which would give a rough estimate if I remembered when he showed up (IE it was a little bit past that point).
Joined GitP thread: During 'Shadows,' got linked to this thread (well, the then 200-something page mk2 thread) while *ing about the comic in the very same IRC. Read thread. Registered Account. Joined in.
Starting disposition: I enjoyed it, mostly because of the puns and because it actually kept updating regularly. And it managed to not offend my sensibilities at every turn (often, but not EVERY turn).
Time to convert (if applicable): I was peeved when the comic kept going after SoS. Battle for Barthis was incredibly stupid, but not bad enough. Orc Rape was awful, but not enough. The War in Hell was a terrible arc with no redeeming qualities (It is actually the worst pre-supergreg full arc). Urban Eddie was a lot worse than Orc Rape (And a lot worse than Supergreg, too, but I'm not there yet), but Bumper actually managed to be the comic's first character during Two Thief so it was forgiven. Even Supergreg wasn't intolerable (though it was, of course, incredibly stupid.) Ultimately, it was this exact moment that I started to hate the comic a far as its ability to provide entertainment on its own merit. Terracciano had the best ending for an arc that he ever had two pages prior, and then used this awful setup to spend two weeks telling the reader what they already knew (because said ending actually revealed that Dommykins had said hand in everything), and only making the resolution look worse in the process.
Current stance: The comic is a waste of bandwidth, which is unfortunate, but the community that has sprung up around mocking it is wonderful.

Name: Colonelslime
Started Reading: Into the Woods (the one with the Dryad and Dirk the Mighty)
Joining GitP thread: When the Aardvark showed up, because I was so mad at Mookie's stupidity
Starting Disposition: I actually like it early on, though there were a few minor issues that bugged me.
Time to convert: I started getting miffed after the Storm of Souls. The Battle for Barthis seemed too silly and out of place, hated the Orc Rape sub-plot, and found the War in Hell extremnely melodramatic for something that would end up having almost no effect on the story. I actually kinda liked Two-Thief, Stunt and Bumper being my favorite characters. I only really started hating the comic (and lurking here) during Snowsong, not because of the Aardvark (though that sealed the deal), but because we found out that snowsongs big pain was that she was boo-ed off open mike night in some medieval comedy club. Also the cake thing. And how for the entire arc I was saying to myself "Mookie can't be going with a Superman parody here", only to have all my hopes crushed. Snowsong was pretty much one big draught of Snark for me.
Current Stance: I watch with a morbid fascination, thinking everyday,"no Mookie, you cannot possibly be doing this, 10 year-olds come up with more cohesive and thought-out narratives." And then he does… and I am filled with the urge to either laugh at the stupidity, cry that this can even pass for writing, or yell at my screen at the sheer god-awfulsness. Mookie's work excites my emotions in a way good stories rarely do. So I guess that soemthing in DD's favour.

Name: Cthclain
Started Reading: Battle of Barthis
Joined Thread: Followed since a little past Snowsong only joined in towards the end of the last.
Starting Disposition: Found it interesting, at least as passing entertainment
Time to Convert: Faltered with the End of Snowsong, switched entirely with Shadows
Current Stance: A failing B-movie level webcomic, it's still great snarking material (especially with this community) and because of this is still entertaining. Theoretically still has a chance to recover most of its ground, though it's unlikely.

Name: Curly
Started reading: From the beginning, having read it once two or three years ago.
Joined GitP thread: Lurked on and off before posting this.
Starting disposition: Inclined to snark from dim remembrances of the comic.
Time to convert: It's stupid, the art is poor, but the characters are okay. It's mediocre at best. From my initial read through I found later arcs to be terrible to duller than dishwater and quit. Rapidly approaching epic snark.
Current stance: I'm only rereading this webcomic because of these threads.

Name: Darkmyst
Started Reading: Late 2004, just as SoS was starting
Joined GitP Thread: Haven't really. One is more of a lurker who can't stay appropriately quiet all of the time. First post somewhere around Shadow of Siegfried era.
Starting Disposition: Disillusionment. Used to like the comic genuinely, but was only reading out of inertia when one stumbled across this thread.
Time to Convert: Instant? Snark-entertainment was embraced as a viable alternative to direct enjoyment immediately upon exposure.
Current Stance: Breaking point. Today's newspost (5/1/2011) and it's promise of even more saccharine BS than ever before (in lieu of any actual advance on the plot that's been teased for the past… 2 years? 3?) is the only additional proof I needed that even after Maltak, BYOB and KARNAAAAArc, DD can and will continue to get worse forever. God (or at least Curly) help us all…

Name: Deme
Started Reading: Originally? Somewhere around the First Day/Battle for Barthis area. It's a little foggy, and where the archive ended and reading began, I cannot say. I quit after a while, so I really don't remember.
Joining GiTP Thread: Thread 27, can't find the date.
Starting Disposition: It was sort of a cute, not great, high-fantasy life comic. Like Sluggy, only fantasy and a lot lamer. Should have ended at the final splash page of Soul of Souls, and it would have been pretty good, and the ending sweet. Also, Strip Slays = awesome.
Time to Convert: Supergreg and Oracle Hunter (or somewhere in that set of bad arcs, before vacation) made me quit, but I was snarking a bit in my heart, lurking on Keenspot before that point. I noticed a strip slay thread here, and was perplexed by the madness I saw, read the archives…and joined the snark.
Current Stance: …Still should have ended right here. Mookie's not going to find as good an ending page for this story again… As of now? It's pretty bad. Mookie seems nice, but really… This has just gone a million times wrong.

Name: Deus_e_Machina
Started Reading: About three or four years ago? I don't recall exactly when, but I archive binged on my first go anyway.
Joining GitP thread: Started lurking in the Epic Thread. I don't quite remember where; somewhere in the early 100's. I went through the slowest archive binge ever to stay on the current comic as I read through all 100 pages. By the end, I was long since converted.
Starting Disposition: Somewhere between amicable and obsessive. Wait, towards the comic? I liked it - protagonist who uses cleverness and manipulation to do the hero schtick, without ever crossing the line on the manipulation to seem like an evil bastard instead of a chessmaster (at the time, mind).
Time to convert: Not far into reading the Epic Thread.
Current Stance: I love the snark community - the strip slays and this thread make reading the comic tons of fun.

Name: Domochevsky
Started Reading: Years ago
Joining GiTP Thread: After weeks of lurking and thinking that id never reach the end of the most current thread. Damn, you move fast.
Starting Disposition: When Teh Drama entered.
Time to Convert: I remember the exact strip when i stopped to read DD. It was when the planes of… Maltak was it, were done with the storms and everyone rushed in to find nearly everything was dead. Then blame started to get passed around again.
Current Stance: Neutral. Humor is what drew me to DD in the first place. Now humor is it again what draws me to it. Weird how these things work out sometimes.

Name: Doompuppy
Started Reading: Near the beginning of the comic
Joining GiTP Thread: First post was 2007-09-18, on page 28/301 of the giant thread of doom. Had been lurking for a good while beforehand. I still lurk most of the time despite keeping up with the thread at least once or twice per day.
Starting Disposition: Sketchy art, but amusing enough with the puns and the whatnot (this was back in the earliest comics back in Lynn's Brook before Luna even entered the story)
Time to Convert: Aardvark, or so. Even the start of the Snowsong arc I wasn't completely converted, as even a pseudo-villain being distracted by chocolate cake for comedy's sake could have been acceptable and even a little charming if the tone had remained light and comedic through the arc. Yeah, I can be a bit of an optimist…
Current Stance: Always check the comic before the thread, but the thread is the main reason to keep up with the comic. Still can't summon up any real hate for the comic on most days, as it's not my style. But the fanon makes it a) more amusing and b) make more sense.

Name: DoubleBlackbird
Started Reading: The one where Pam says she has to fire Garrit. But I actually starting reading the Strip Slays before reading Dominic Deegan proper, so I had known about the main characters for some time (I was actually surprised, once I convinced myself to read DD, to get to the Siegfried's Dead part of the story and find that his final speech was not 'Tell everyone my last word was… *lastword*').
Joining GiTP Thread: The one where Spark inexplicably hires a guide (but we do not know who it is). I guessed Stunt, but the correct answer was Hansi, putting me at 0% correct predictions (a figure comparable to Dominic's in recent weeks). Unfortunately the shame was so intense that I ran far away, never to be seen again. So you could say I only just joined the thread. hi every1, im new, wat is a 'supergerg'
Starting Disposition: Not applicable. I already knew it was going to be awful. I just didn't realise how awful.
Time to Convert: From 'non-reader' to 'snarker'? About as long as it took me to type in the URL.
Current Stance: It is a bad webcomic, but it is the best bad webcomic, and even though the current arc is ultra-boring, I can't and won't stop reading. Mookie's got himself a reader for life here.

Name: El "The" Flad. An unfortunate capitalization error and a mistakenly skipped space made it seem like my name is ElfLad, but I don't even like elves, that's just silly.
Started Reading: Siegfried's death (he ded)
Joining GiTP Thread: I was here when it started
Starting Disposition: Dominic Deegan: Great comic or Greatest comic?
Time to Convert: I haven't.
Current Stance: Extra-greatest comic. I will sometimes "mock" Dominic Deegan along with the rabble of this thread, but only as ironic meta-commentary. I think Dominic Deegan is cleverly written, although as of late, there's been less occurance of two simultaneous words starting with the same letter, which is always good for a laugh.

Name: Elhana
Started Reading: I can't remember, but I've been reading it a couple of years at least. I'm pretty sure I started reading before Storm of Souls. I'd guess…somewhere around Ecstasy & Evil.
Joined GitP thread: Oh that's easy. I posted my first post in this thread…not that long ago. I lurked for like…a year. Maybe more. I just checked…I joined a year ago. Man, I am a profession lurker. Ok, I probably lurked for two years then. *cough* I only really started posting…um…a couple of weeks ago.
Starting Disposition: Well, when I first started reading I thought it was pretty good.
Time to convert: Probably a couple of years. Once I started reading this thread I think. The Aardvark was when I really started questioning why I read this comic…every day.
Current Stance: Sometimes I can't even stand to look at the comic. I dread looking at it knowing that I will read the comic and go "WHY! Mookie! WHY!" And yet I do it anyway. I think there is something wrong with me.

Name: Even Human
Started Reading: Linked from another webcomic I read, ages and ages ago. I can't quite recall, but I think it was sometime around Visions of Doom. Maybe a bit later.
Joining GiTP Thread: *Looks at join date* Uh, Jan 2009. But I lurked for a good year prior to that. At least.
Starting Disposition: Liked it. Or liked the archive trawl, it's hard to say. Over time, DD became one of those webcomics that you read because it's in your bookmarks and it's easier to click the link than delete it.
Time to Convert: I discovered this thread. And Stip Slays: The Best Thread Ever.
Current Stance: I read it so I can keep up with the thread(s). Sometimes I genuinely chuckle, but usually it's at stuff Mookie didn't intend.

Name: EvilDMMk3
Started Reading: Late Oracle Hunter
Joining GiTP Thread: A while back, got really annoyed and gave up snarking during the "holiday of tedium" arc.
Starting Disposition:
Time to Convert: 0.00002 seconds
Current Stance: :bigyuk:

Name: Face of Evil
Started Reading: Oracle Hunter arc
Starting Disposition: I'm an unusual case, because what actually got me into Dominic Deegan was reading the Strip Slays thread. I didn't understand the context, but I found a lot of the Slays were hilarious on their own. As such, I had some shockers like Siegfried's Dead and Melna Rape already spoiled for me when I finally started reading the comic. (I also thought Melna was a vampire and Dominic was secretly evil.) I felt that the comic in its early days was good, but I find the turning point is the introduction of Mama Deegan, whose amazing Deus ex Machina powers would rob the comic of a lot of its tension.
Current Stance: I'm mildly interested in seeing where DD is going, but mostly I'm just in it for the snarks.

Name: Falco
Started reading: Sometime before the Deegan Parents appeared.
Joined GitP thread: Right now. I figured I've been lurking long enough.
Starting disposition: A fan.
Time to convert (if applicable): Sometime during Storm of Souls after too many "Is he dead? Nope, I missed/it was an illusion!" moments. Got bored, then came back to it awhile ago thinking maybe it got better. How wrong I was…
Current stance: Morbid curiosity, and this thread is funnier than the comic *ever* was.

Name: Fawkes
Started Reading: I remember the first image I saw on was Amelia Sturtz's dead ass sticking up in the air. Looking back, I think that was a sign.
Joined GitP thread: Sometime around the end of the vacation arc or built to resist, I think.
Starting Disposition: Loved the comic, thought some of the Snarkers were kind of jerks.
Time to Convert: Maltak broke me pretty quickly.
Current stance: There's just nothing to enjoy in the comic itself any more. It's been a steady downhill drop ever since those damn orcs showed up and Siggy died. I did like Two Thief, though.

Name: Friv
Started Reading: Mob Mentality, I think
Joining GiTP Thread: Really not sure. Class Action-ish?
Starting Disposition: Thought it was a lot of fun
Time to Convert: Two Thief or Not To Thief (yeah, my optimism survived the War in Hell)
Current Stance: It's so beautifully awful.

Name: Frogwarrior
Started Reading: A long time ago… best I can figure is the "Evil and Ecstasy" arc or thereabouts… dang it's been a while
Starting Disposition: Favorable. It had some obvious flaws from the start, and I would not have let anyone else see that I read it, but I was able to wave them aside as forgiveable errors.
Said errors compounded and multiplied, and my appreciation waned, as Dominic and crew turned from barely powerful (ooh, I can find your keys!) to godlike (I can rape you WITH MY MIND! And my brother is Superman! And my dad is a powerful swordsman who negotiated some important orc thing, and my mom is an archmage!). Yet even that wasn't enough to get me to admit that it sucked.
Time to Convert: Happened at about the Snowsong or Shadow of Siegfried arc. By then, I had kinda lost excitement about DD, even to the point of forgetting to check it often (this was before I gave in and put my favorite comics in bookmarks). But at about that time, I read John Solomon's absolutely brutal saving of Mookie's work. It broke down the inappropriate walls in my brain, punching my esteem for DD in the balls, guiding me to the truth: DD sucks.
Current stance: Even some of the arcs that sucked were fun to read. That was long in the past. There is nothing about it that I enjoy other than mocking it and making slays. And yet… I can't stop reading… not just because it's fun to mock, but because I actually want to see what happens in the story. I hate myself.

Name: Gadora
Started Reading: Late 2006
Joining GiTP Thread: I started lurking sometime near the start of Maltak. My first post was in #%@$ You, I'm a Bird! (Thread XXIII)
Starting Disposition: Yay! It's a webcomic! Webcomics are awesome!
Time to Convert: I was starting to get dissatisfied with the comic in the time before I started lurking.
Current Stance: The comic just is no longer worth my time, and there's not really enough happening even to snark.

Name: Snoogums, you stooge. (Ganurath)
Started Reading: Snowsong's stomach rumbling.
Joining Thread: Some point in the epic-ness of the first thread.
Starting Disposition: Some points of moral inconsistency, and… What the fork have you done to my orcs, Mookie?!
Time to Convert: Nevrmore was my first exposure to other people's opinions. Parts of me die inside when he talks for a different reason now, but he really killed it for me.
Current Stance: Word of God says he'll be ending it soon. Let there be much rejoicing.

Name: I'm Batman. (Gez)
Started Reading: I think it was during the Battles for Barthis arc.
Joining Thread: Page 40 of the first thread.
Starting Disposition: At first it was "okay, a very D&Dish webcomic, let see what ideas I can mine from it." I liked Acibek's Principle, or at least the idea of having wizards giving their names to principles of magic rather than just to a few spells, à la "Mordenkainen's Magnificient Mansion".
… I think that was the only idea I thought was worthy of being taken, though.
Time to Convert: It was a gradual process. I never thought it was a great comic, but I saw potential in it. For a long time I cut Mookie some slack: "okay, this is bad but it can be justified this way". Eventually, though, I had the Revelation: what Mookie was really trying to do was an Encyclopedia of Failure in webcomic form. This gave me a new appreciation for the comic and the amount of thought and work put behind. Mookie will explore, with an admirable and painstaking meticulous devotion, each and every way to sabotage his webcomic. At least, the non-meta ones: he hasn't pulled crap such as surprise hiatus, access restricted to only paying readers, and other such silliness.
Current Stance: Eager to see how long Mookie can manage to sink his webcomic ever further without making it really awful (like some other comics I don't even want to talk about).

Name: Glass Mouse
Started Reading: I stumbled across DD in the beginning of the Snowsong arc. It was my second webcomic after OoTS, so I feel like I've been following for a long time.
Joining GiTP Thread: I joined the 24th thread, A Bad Review, after lurking for ages (when DD was finally destroyed for me - it's true that reading snark will ruin the comic)
Starting Disposition: I really liked it (yes, even Snowsong). The comic was charming, silly and had some nice ideas - and at that point, I didn't think too hard about the plotholes and general stupidity. It went slightly, but continually downwards in quality, but I continued to read and enjoy it until…
Time to Convert: Maltak. Oh god, Maltak - confusing, boring and cliché-ridden. Add to this that I'd been reading DD snark for quite some time, and the enjoyment just snapped.
Current Stance: I still think DD has decent ideas and decent strips, and I make a conscious effort to stay fair to Mookie. As a writer, his shortcomings are interesting to study. The rest of the time, I'm just in it for the fun and cheap laughs.

Name: guttering flame
Started Reading: Two threads ago, at a late stage of the Maltak Odyssey. Through a dubious link.
Joining GiTP Thread: Trying to figure out what the heck "Ilka took tak" means.
Starting Disposition: Yawn-worthy. The puns were the worst part of course but the repetitiveness and lack of plot of the early pages were a big turn off too.
Time to Convert: Started meh, turned sleepy, became cranky, giggled with the fishes, got nauseous on the stue, became temporarily blind from 'Manly' Doh, then bored again.
Current Stance: Some good things buried beyond recognition in pathetic puns and S(t)ueness.

Name: Helanna
Started Reading: Beginning of this arc. Maybe three weeks ago? A month?
Joined Thread: As soon as I was done with the archives.
Starting Disposition: Thought that it was pretty good, funny at best and not a waste of time at worst.
Time to Convert: Still a fan. YES, I come to the thread anyway. I can be a snarker and a fan!
Current Stance: Was a lot better before Aardvark showed up again, but I still like it, and would read it with or without the snarking.

Update: I might still be able to enjoy the comic without snarking, but testing that would mean not reading the thread for at least a month, and can you imagine how long it would take to catch up on all that?

Name: HellfireLover
Started Reading: DD was one of the first webcomics I discovered. I started reading it when Luna was the current arc. So Yeah.
Joining GiTP Thread: Lurked since the Epic Thread, joining now.
Starting Disposition: Hmm, the art is pretty weak, but the premise is promising.
Time to Convert: Started having doubts at Storm of Souls. Champion of Balance? Laaaaaaame. Converted at Battle for Barthis. Medieval fantasy rock benefit concert was the clincher. Gave up reading in disgust. Now read only for teh snarkz (not to be confused with Gay Szark the Gay man who is Gay, oh did I mention he is Gay?)
Current Stance: Learning the way of the Snark and longing to snatch the idea whole-cloth off'f Mookie and do it properly.

Name: Hell Puppi
Started Reading: Around the start of the second GiTP thread, I decided to slog though DD to see what it was all about
Joining GiTP Thread: Somewhere near the middle of the second thread after I had finished my archive trawl
Starting Disposition: Interested
Time to Convert: When I got to the part where Siggy was beating on Dom and NO ONE HELPED. No, not even the healer/cleric girl. I noticed from that point on that pretty much everyone was a jerk.
Current Stance: I haven't read DD in months and there would be no force on earth that could make me…aside from my desire to snark. And my hope that at some point Dom gets eaten.

Name: High-chancellor (One of many!)
Started Reading: Round abouts Erossus I think, actually. shortly before or after.
Joining GitP thread: First thread baby, yeeeeeaaaah. *random other punk elitist stupid stuff*
Starting Disposition: First started… I was mostly bored, and was amused before… well… it seems to me the stupidity of DD is like one of those poisons that builds up over time, in the beginning. Both in the way that it's gradual so I didn't notice it till it was bothering me, and in the way that low levels accumulated to drive me insane. I always had a sort of love-hate relationship. (Well, after it started trying to take itself seriously with this "plot" nonsense. I'm looking at YOU "chosen of balance". I think I'd seen that coming from so far away it hit me in the back of the head and gave me a savage headache.)
Time to convert: Truly converted… combination of Szarks flanderization as a flamboyant gay who was in love with dommie-chan, YES the orc rapesez, aaaand… Mookie. Srsly.
Current Stance: Really, I find the comic to be the literary form of a train wreck involving one freight train full of rubber chickens and perhaps a secret military unmanned spyplane. One really feels like he should stop watching it, but he just can't! It's at the same time monstrous, bizarre, and strangely entertaining in a horrific way.

Name: Humbug
Started Reading: 2 years ago, when the Neilen arc started.
Joining GiTP Thread:Some time later, it was because the Comicgenesis snark thread got closed and I eventually stumbled onto this one.
Starting Disposition:I thought the earlier parts of DD were okay, I was indifferent to the Orc Rape arc at first, but the comic really started getting bad for me after the Thief to Thief arc.
Time to Convert:From the beginning when the Comicgenesis thread was started, that's what got me reading DD in the first place.
Current Stance: Mookie obviously breaks all the writing rules, but the greatest offender to me is how he handles his artwork, awful anatomy, boring composition, hardly improving after 5 years, etc.

Name: h_v
Started Reading: About halfway through 'Two Thief or not Two Thief' after mention on Websnark.
Joined GitP thread: About halfway through the 'Class Action' storyline, I think. It was a while ago, so I'm not too clear on the details.
Starting Disposition: Thought it was a little unsubtle, but overall positive.
Time to convert: Opinion started to turn two thirds of the way through 'Class Action', 'Snowsong' put the nail in the coffin.
Current stance: Ironically, I'm reading it far more regularly for snarkage than I ever did when I semi-liked it. I don't post as often as I should, but I always keep up to date on the thread.

Name: Ichini Sanshigo
Started Reading: Started during the Vacation Arc, but i went back through the archives before I started on the current strips. I was releuctant to start because it looked tacky compared to other webcomics, like crap I doodled in my notebook during Trig class.
Joined GitP Thread: I actually found out about the comic through TV Tropes. I think it was in the "So Bad it's Horrible" webcomic section. For some reason I love bad media ("Earth: Final Conflict" comes to mind), so I bookmarked the comic and said I'd get around to it. After slogging through Mookie's awfulness, I decided to look for a place to snark. I noticed that TV Tropes has a lot of references to GitP comics, so I checked out the forum here and lo and behold, the Dominic Deegan thread was a shiny beacon unto snark.
Starting Disposition: From the get-go I realized that this comic was at best mediocre. To me at least, it was never very funny. Everything about it was weak: weak jokes, weak dialogue, weak characterization, weak setting, lame plot… but I figured it might improve. I was wrong.
To be absolutely honest, I agree with many of the criticisms of that dude from Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad. He's kind of a jerk, and his reviews are often marred by needless ad hominems and a tendency to take some scenes out of context, but he was right on the mark with Dominic Deegan.
Time to Convert: Like, when I first started reading.
Current Stance: The only reason I read the comic is for this thread.

Name: Ignition
Started Reading: At the beginning
Joining GitP thread: August 2010, but I've been lurking for a lot longer
Starting Disposition: "It's goofy guys doing stupid crap in fantasy Earth, and pretending to be dramatic! How can I go wrong?"
Time to convert: I stopped reading it for awhile after Jacob killed Vilrath (and it was super effective), and came back periodically during the Battle for Barthis and Maltak just to see how much farther it could spiral downward.
Current Stance: "It's goofy guys doing stupid crap in fantasy earth, and pretending to be dramatic! And it's going horribly wrong…"

Name: InkEyes
Started Reading: I started reading during the Shadow of Siegfried arc, thanks to this site.
Joining GitP thread: I was browsing this site one day and I noticed the epic thread here and I had to find out what could create such a thread. I lurked for a few pages before doing a short archive binge and jumping in the epic thread around halfway through it.
Starting Disposition: The comic as a whole isn't really my cup of tea. The psuedo-anime art and the rather forced humor overrode the story-driven aspects of the comic that I would normally be drawn to.
Time to convert: Right off the bat I didn't think the comic was great, but this thread has helped me realize that there is just so much more to it. I don't hate the comic, in fact I'd probably be completely indifferent towards it if I hadn't found this place, and I've always felt the mockery was all in good fun.
Current Stance: My opinion is that, overall, the comic isn't immensely terrible, but I don't think there's much more that can be done to 'fix' the comic short of starting a new one taking into account the lessons learned from this one. When Mookie pulls out comics that really bother me, then it can get my bile going, but most of the time I think he's just an okay guy who's really bad at articulating his point in any sort of graphic or written medium. It's a shame given the following he was able to create with his minimal skills, I think the comic had the potential to be good if Mookie had tried different things more often and taken time to improve himself.

Name: Jahkaivah
Started Reading: Think it was when Milov was in the Werewolf place thingy.
Joining GiTP Thread: I started reading this thread during Oracle Hunter Arc, I made my first post during the Vacation Arc.
Starting Disposition: I liked the old grumpy kickass Dominic and how his only strength was second sight, also enjoyed that it was very humble in its scope…. yeah
Time to Convert: Dominic's trademark character writing bothered me right from the begining but I lost all interest in the plot during Storm of Souls when random characters were suddenly being told they were a chosen one and stupid villains was sprouting out of every orifice. I read the whole comic ignoring the stupidities, including that one, simply put as soon as I read this thread and realised how much fun snarking Dominic Deegan was I swtiched.
Current Stance: Bloody awful writing, poorly done art, and thats why I love it.
PS: I just noticed that I refered to Mookie as Dominic, I think that is so perfect I am not going to change it

Name: Jayngfet
Started Reading: About a year ago
Joining GitP thread: Two days later
Starting Disposition: I wondered what J Soloman was complaining about, loved it for a bit.
Time to convert: A week and a half.
Current Stance: I like some of the stranger ideas(medieval rock concert? Awesome), and some of the overlooked bits mookie go right, but I stay to work on dominoligy and point out details missed by everyone else.

Name: Jerthanis
Started Reading: Middle of Battle for Barthis
Joining GitP thread: I actually started a Dominic Deegan thread sometime around the middle of War in Hell, it went about 16 posts and died out. It was mildly praiseful towards the comic. I've been around these threads since before they became snark threads.
Starting Disposition: I liked it a lot at first. Clever writing made a nonstandard hero archetype really successful I thought, and while nothing after Storm of Souls really quite clicked as anything before, I maintained hope.
Time to convert: .035 seconds after seeing this That was when I knew for sure it was never going to be good again.
Current Stance: The comic is infested, infected with suck. Right now it's circling the drain, winding down towards oblivion, collapsing in upon itself. The only thing left to do is watch in pity as it gasps its last. Meanwhile we get to commiserate and share a laugh, like we're attending a loved one's funeral and we're telling embarrassing stories about them.

Name: Johnny Blade
Started Reading: I found the comic through the epic thread, when The Shadow Of Siegfried was about to end, and, since the thread had more than 100 pages at this time, went on an archive binge to see what it was all about.
Joining Thread: During Endings And Annoyances, after I posted my first strip slay. I lurked for some time before, however.
Starting Disposition: There were some things I disliked, but Spark, as well as Stunt and Bumper, made up for it. And The Curse was actually great.
Time to Convert: When Luna appeared, I realized that, from then on, Dominic Deegan wouldn't be a comic I could ever like. After that, it got gradually worse, but it wasn't until Storm of Souls started that I found the comic actually bad.
Current Stance: I love the comic's hilarious badness, as well as this thread and our mini-community here. Granted, the comic is boring sometimes, but Domiology carries me through those periods.

Name: Joro
Started Reading: Around the end of the Vacation Arc, I believe.
Joining GiTP Thread: Now! (February '09)
Starting Disposition: I was vaguely aware of the existence of Dominic Deegan through webcomic cultural osmosis, but I never actually knew any specifics until I read the Your Webcomic is Bad writeup. This prejudiced me unfairly against it at the start. Next, I discovered the strip-slay thread here, which was awesome enough to make me abandon my blind dislike in favor of a healthier, snarky appreciation. I read the entire archive just to properly enjoy all the happy-fun snarking.
Current Stance: I mentally maintain a long list of things not to do unthinkingly in my own writing, and Dominic Deegan is endlessly helpful.

Name: Kaisuteknon
Started Reading: Right from the beginning.
Joining GiTP Thread: I've been a lurker here for a few months before deciding to join in
Starting Disposition: When I started reading this comic I actually enjoyed it. It definitely wasn't the best thing I've ever read, but it was still delightfully campy and even amusing.
Time to Convert: I can't quite remember, but the rock concert and the thing known to some as The Aardvark was definitely amongst the deciding factors
Current Stance: Everything about Dominic Deegan truly fascinates me. Never in my life have I seen something that manages to be constantly appalling that it inspires mockeries and snarkdom of the highest degree. It would be a great honor were I to be accepted within this prestigious league of snarkers.

Name: Kasrkin
Started Reading: Late Snowsong Period (i.e. The Aardvark apocalypse)
Joined Thread: Pretty Recently. Vacation Arc, I think.
Starting Disposition: !?!
Time to Convert: Almost immediately.
Current Stance: The aberrancy of FATAL combined with the ineptness and general lameness of Ishtar. Fun to riff, though.

Name: Khosan
Started Reading: Way, way back. I think some time around Visions of Doom when they arrived in Barthis.
Joining GitP thread: I think I was here as early as the first thread, but I didn't start posting until the second.
Starting Disposition: I was…13 or 14 at the time. I thought it was pretty good, considering I really didn't have much concept of what was good writing/art.
Time to convert: Second thread or Supergreg. Whichever came first. It was a pretty slow and gradual decent that started around Storm of Souls. The "Tension! YOINK! Nope!" (Luna cringing away from her death in panel 8 one day, eyes open looking confused panel one the next day) deal bothered me. I suppose that's when I caught on to the characters being Mary Sues and being surrounded by ultra-plot armor. Supergreg was the real killer though. Up until then, it had been my line of thinking that the quality wasn't quite how I remembered it and maybe the comic was just in a slump after the Epic Hijinx™. Then I saw Supergreg and his Superbulge and any hopes went out the window.
Current Stance: Tenuous. The comic manages to hit such depths of bad now that not even snarking can make me look forward to reading it. The vacation arc and the mindbreak arc in particular broke my spirit.

Name: KillerSquid
Started Reading: Vacation Arc. I didn't like it, but found the thread and loved snarking.
Joining thread: The second thread, near the end, too many pages to remember.
Starting Disposition: Disliked the later comics, but reread quite a bit of the earlier ones, and found a charm, if lacking in artwork.
Time to convert: Started as a snarker.
Current Stance: Pessimistic of Mookie's writing future, optimistic for snarking.

Name: Kizor
Started Reading: Way back during the early Shadows of Doom. I've been around long enough to write some of the tropes that are often mentioned here. I can also shoot a laser from my mouth and bend girders.
Joining GitP thread: During the Vacation Arc.
Starting Disposition: I loved the comic! The idea of a mage protagonist without the fireballs was one of those great, fresh inventions that are only obvious in retrospect. Dominic Deegan was a seriously underpowered character who got by with creativity and good thinking, not the ability to rend threats out of reality with mageeeek. His foresight was a vague aid to a more important tool, his intellect. I didn't think of this at the time, but a cynical misanthrope forced to be a puppet-master fit like a glove where a straightforward hero would've been (and now is) repulsive. The plot was interesting. The puns were truly atrocious. I was a forum member. I filked. I'm not a native English-speaker, so the results were unspeakable.
…Brett's now inside-out - goin' to Elemecca…
Time to convert: I'm easy to please with entertainment. The Storm of Souls was neat, though the comic could've explained what it actually does. Medieval rock concert? Sure, it's silly fun and characters I like are really enjoying themselves. Orc rape? A honest attempt to tackle difficult themes that didn't work out. All doubts I had and more were abruptly confirmed on the day of the Aardvark.
Current Stance: I don't hate the comic or its author. That's silly. I simply wouldn't be able to enjoy it anymore. Because of that, I find the Strip Slays - and to a lesser extent, this thread - to be genuinely funny, not lol-funny as is too common on the Internet or even, Heaven help us, lulz-funny. I like hanging out here. From time to time the discussion gets too hostile or mean towards Mookie, and I wonder if the strip is genuinely bad after all, but then we receive a He-Dom or a Dulk or wondrously resurrecting/legless Dex, and I abandon those thoughts in good conscience.

Name: Kris Strife
Started Reading: Sometime during the 2003 or 2004 school year
Joining GiTP Thread: One or two threads after the epic one (mostly lurking)
Starting Disposition: Was pretty good, I have a high tolerance for puns
Time to Convert: Around Siggy's character Derailment/Orc Saving
Current Stance: Varies between snark, rare moments of genuine enjoyment and anger/frustration.

Name: kukn
Started Reading: At the first coming of the dread Aardvark. I actually started reading because I wanted to see what was so funny about the Strip Slays.
Joining GitP thread: Sometime during the epic thread (Mk. II), towards the start of it. I wanted to see what other people thought about DD, I was quite eager myself at that time I admit. Don't post much, only flit through the comments, as I don't have much time.
Starting Disposition: Well… I read through the whole archive in three days. I really enjoyed it the whole way through, I liked the original and non-cliché characters (a weak, grumpy, smoking seer; a wise-cracking cat; a disabled youngster capable only of healing others; a kick-ass evil necromancer brother; and the rest of the cast tbh, including Dom's parents, Siegfried, Luna, Stunt and Bumper, Szark)
Time to convert: After catching up with the Snowsong arc (then nearing the end), I still liked the strip. I continued to generally enjoy for its own merits, though starting to see its flaws, until around the start of Shadow of Siegfried, about here. From then on it's been downhill.
Current Stance: Somewhat sickened, in a bored and 'meh' kind of way. I personally haven't considered a single strip to be good since the plot and character depravity of Shadow started. Not single one (maybe a few have been just about okay, but that's it).

Name: Kyeudo
Started Reading: Shadow of Sigfried
Joined Thread: Two Thief or not Two Thief
Starting Disposition: Not impressed, but tolerable.
Time to Convert: Shortly after joining this thread.
Current Stance: Mookie could make this comic a masterpiece dispite his bad art, but he won't. There are so many wonderful possibilities in his characters, even the Aardvaark, that could be used, but he just doesn't seem to care enough anymore.

Name: Lenlalron.
Started Reading: Summer of 07. I think that was Snowsong. I'm pretty sure I heard about DD from this thread, but never really read the snark until now.
Joining Thread: I totally forget. Sometime in the first thread, though.
Starting Disposition: It's decent. The daily update makes it a daily checker for me, which is great since most of my comics are MWF or alternate days of that sort.
Time to Convert: Pretty sure when I finally read snowsong. (it took me awhile to archive binge!).
Current Stance: What hilarious mishaps in webcomicery do you have for us next, Mookie?

Name: Lillith
Started Reading: June 19th 2005, It's my first day arc.
Joining GiTP Thread: April/May 2010
Starting Disposition: I got no clue how I actually ended up with finding Dominic Deegan. I guess someone linked it to me I think. I actually liked it a lot in the beginning and was looking forward to see the comic updated every single day. At one point it was even one of my favorites.
Time to Convert: I think I held on till the Oracle Hunter arc, though some arcs like Snowsong weren't that great in my mind. Around the world is where my interest started to fade, Built to resist is where I started to cringe and Maltak was where I lost all hope for this comic. It only went downhill from there.
Current Stance: I read it to snark it if I have to be honest. Also because I want to see if the comic can actually get worse then it already is. My motto in this case: Dominic Deegan is like an ongoing accident, I can't look away.

Name: Lord Fullbladder, Master of Goblins
Started Reading: Uh, wow. Damned if I know. Probably somewhere in the War in Hell. I always read archives obsessively before I read the newer stuff.
Joining Thread: Late first thread. I'd lurked a bit before that. I also made particualrily embarrassing comments in the later threads (turns out I'm someone who would say "Abrakaboom").
Starting Disposition: I liked it.
Time to Convert: Shortly after joining this(ese) thread(s). It was a long time ago.
Current Stance: I'm hear for the snark, dudes.

Name: Lord_Khaine
Started Reading: actualy not quite sure about that, belive it was around the end of the Storm of souls arc.
Joining GiTP Thread: I Made a few random comments before, but it belive its only around MK XV that i startet making regular comments.
Starting Disposition: I thought it was a decent comic, and i actualy liked Dominic, thought i still though the rest of his family was more interesting (especaly Gregory, Jacob and Donovan, you can keep the mother)
Time to Convert: Been lurking around since MK X or so, still havent managet to convert.
Current Stance: Less Than Proud Defender of Dominic Deegan, Oracle for Hire!!!
That aside, Dominic is a manipulative bastard, but i still like the rest of the family (you can still keep the mother)

Name: Lord Seth
Started Reading: During Shadow of Sigfried. I'm pretty sure that I started reading when this was the newest strip. I went through the archives really fast.
Joining GitP thread: Hrm, I read it a bit during Shadow of Sigfried, but I think I don't think I really posted until Oracle Hunter.
Starting Disposition: Thought the comic was pretty good. As dumb as it was, I still thought Supergreg was sort of funny, and while the orc rape was ineptly written, Mookie at least seemed to recognize that people hated it and quietly ended it. I really did like the strip, and was puzzled as to why so many people seemed to hate it…
Time to convert: I was wavering during Oracle Hunter; there were some good spots, but they were always followed by bad spots. I think I "converted" soon after He-Dom.
Current Stance: Deegan used to be a good comic, and we still on occasion get peeks of its former glory. But it's fallen horribly. Rather than trying to fix the problems the comic had (overuse of bolding, cheek teeth, etc.) Mookie now seems determined to top himself in badness in every arc. I'd say it's been declining ever since Storm of Souls ended. The only thing Mookie can do at this point to salvage it is to transplant his mind to when the comic was good, then bring up the lingering plot points (Jacob, for example) and use them all in an epic, climactic final arc. Then take a break, get his writing skills back to what they used to be (I'd say get them better than that, but one step at a time) and get his drawing better so we don't have the cheek teeth. If he wants to keep going with the Deeganverse, maybe he can make a new main character and relegate Deegan to Obi-Wan status.

Name: Lowkey Lyesmith
Started Reading: somewhere around the Visions of doom arc. But I always read comics from the beginning so not quite sure. But somewhere around there.
Joining Thread: During Oracle hunter, a friend( Doompuppi) told me about it.
Starting Disposition: Liked it. It was a funny story with some good drama.
Time to Convert: I found it irritating how big guys were always stupid and violent jocks. I'm big, I do like some sports, but I don't beat people up and I try to solve problems with my brain.
The time of convertion is hard to place. But the first time I got angry was this
Reason? Why must he be the champion of balance? The strip before had Klo tark saying that he was'nt the champion of law. I was happy then, wondering, who could it be?
After that, I disliked Dominic and around Snowsong, I got enough.
Current Stance: Hmm, I find myself hoping at times. But to be honest, the snarking is better then the comic ever was.

Name: M84
Started Reading: Since the Storm of Souls
Joining GiTP Thread: During Maltak
Starting Disposition: Genuine fan of DD, liked the plot, liked the simple humor, and liked the characters (before they became Sueish)
Time to Convert: Snowsong annoyed me, but I got through that. Maltak was the breaking point.
Current Stance: I'm pretty much just in it for the snark now. It would take a miracle for me to be able to enjoy DD without any irony again.

Name: MacPuck
Started Reading: Two Thief
Joining GiTP Thread: Tail end of XIII
Starting Disposition: Not too bad, but the Keenspot slays were much more fun.
Time to Convert: SNOWSONG. Didn't look back at the site until, curse my timing, Oracle Hunter.
Current Stance: Pretty firmly on the snark side.

Name: Magnax
Started Reading: Partway through Storm of Souls.
Joining GitP thread: Around this time last year, though I lurk a lot more than I post.
Starting Disposition: This used to be one of my favorite webcomics.
Time to convert: Around War in Hell the comic started going downhill for me. Then I read John Solomon's blog, and while my initial reaction to it was unfavorable, I realized he had a few good points. The Snowsong arc finally clued me in to how bad the comic really was.
Current Stance: I read it to see if Mookie can somehow recover this train-wreck of a comic, but usually I'm just amused at the new ways he finds to screw up and offend people.

Name: Mauve Shirt
Started Reading: War in Hell
Joined the thread: In the middle of the epic thread, during the Oracle Hunter arc.
Starting Disposition: I really loved the comic up through the War in Hell, and I had no problem with the following arcs until I started reading this thread and realized you all were right.
Current Stance: I keep up with it for the purposes of following this thread. I have no problem with the arcs up until the end of War in Hell.

Name: MeklorIlavator
Started Reading: Around the start of the First Thread? I don't really remember, and it could have been a bit later, maybe in the next January or February. In any case I read it over the course of 3 days(one reason that I thought it was really good as long as I did, as you miss alot when reading it that fast).
Joined Thread: First post was in the Original thread, during a discussion about how the words species/races applies to fantasy worlds, though I had been a lurker for some time in that thread.
Starting Disposition:
Time to Convert: I forget. I know that I was originally a fan and supported some of the Defences put forward in that thread, but I know that at the very latest I had changed my mind in the early parts of the Legendary thread.
Current Stance: (For very different reasons. Mainly, MST3K value)

Name: Mewtarthio
Started Reading: Archived binged up through "War in Hell," which was the limit of the archives at the time. I did not continue to follow the comic, however, until reading the giantitp Strip Slays thread, at which point I archive binged again and got up to around the end of the Nielen arc.
Joined GitP thread:
Note that this is several days after I posted my first Strip Slay. I only joined the main thread because I was already reading the comic and wanted to… "discuss" it.
Starting Disposition: My first post says it all, really. I thought everything before Storm of Souls was decent. Storm of Souls itself made Dominic a bit Mary Sueish (I didn't know the term "Mary Sue" at the time, but I immediately thought of that arc once I learned it), particularly given that magical blasty powers seem a bit incongruous on a seer.
Time to convert: I did not deem the comic worthy of a single minute of my attention each day after the archive binge. The thread actually had to convert me from the other direction: In fact, I nearly quit the thread entirely following the Snowsong debacle. Morbid curiosity drew me back to the comic, and then the snarking began in earnest on the main thread.
Current Stance: Dominic Deegan died long ago. At this point, Mookie is simply churning out comics because he feels like he has to.

Name: Minion992929
Started Reading: Midway March across Maltak:
Joining thread: Immesurable speed that disproves physics.
Starting Disposition: Disbelief - (i.e Nothing can be that bad…)
Time to convert: Ten minutes before I started reading
Current stance: Resigned, but I rant about it because misery loves company (as you all no doubt agree.)

Name: M0rt
Started reading: Around the end of Snowsong arc.
Joining thread: Shortly after starting to read the comic, after finishing Battle of Barthis arc.
Starting disposition: First, I thought it was mildly amusing. Then, I deemed it mediocere. After Snowsong, the slippery slope to the snarking was short.
Time to convert: See above. When I started reading, the comic was already in its mind-numbingly bad status.
Current stance: Morbid curiosity that can be compared to pushing the red buttons with warnings over them or reading Necronomicon to see if there are pictures inside.

Name: MReav
Started Reading: Forget when… before the Battle of Barthis I think.
Joining GitP thread: Shortly after Oracle Hunter, but more because I started perusing the GitP boards more.
Starting Disposition: Interested because of the constant updates and overall cuteness of the series.
Time to convert: Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad planted a few seeds of doubt, but the SuperGreg plotline definitely threw this into guilty pleasure, mostly because I tried to not to think about the rape storyline.
Current Stance: I enjoy the Strip Slays more than the actual strip, but I still have respect for Mookie because he makes a comic consistently. That doesn't make him immune to criticism, his world building is atrocious, some of the swerves make me want to head bash a wall, the stereotypes that permeate are outright offensive at times, but it's got a small amount of charm that doesn't make me drop it.

Name: Mr. Scaly
Started reading: Midway through the vacation arc, though I began with an archive binge.
Joined GitP thread: Late into the Vacation arc, mostly through random forum surfing for interesting topic. Saw the massive amount of posts and took a look see.
Starting Disposition: Interested. Had seen a lot of references to DD in TVtropes and was looking for a new webcomic to read so I thought I'd take a look. Was pleasantly surprised at how the early humour kept making me laugh and the interesting plot lines, and enjoyed the continuing story arcs.
Time to convert: Haven't yet (and probably won't) but first started getting ill during the "Snowsong arc." I liked most of it but The Abomination's first appearance and undeniable proof that Dominic is a manipulative bastard, if not an anti-hero.
Current stance: Have honestly enjoyed most of the most recent arcs (though Dominic in a loincloth is scary as Hell…) The orc rape didn't phase me, the vacation arc was interesting and I'm willing to give Mookie the benefit of the doubt on most of his goofs. It's in this most recent 'death to all' arc that's making me bitter and resentful…turning Celesto into a jerkass, TIM into a pansy, Gregory into a comic book superhero with no personality and Dex and Rachael into mindless drones.

Name: Mr. Silver
Started Reading:First began my archive Binge towards the end of Two Thieves. Predates my joining this forum by a fair while.
Joining GiTP Thread:Misery loves company?
I'd kind of given up on DD before I stumbled upon this forum and the thread. The mentioning of Snowsong in it re-awakened my curiosity and I went back to the archives. As a result, I felt an overpowering urge to take the piss as a form of cathartic recovery for the 'saving' of my senses the re-exposure had inflicted. So I signed-up. Rest, as they say, is history.
Starting Disposition: Ooo, big archive. Seems interesting anyway, if the artwork is a bit poor I'll give it a go.
Time to Convert:Don't think conversion is quite the right word on account of the whole finding there before here. I guess my first misgivings started with the death of Amelia way back in Ecstacy and Evil and started to grow from then on. Finally went past the point of no return into outright hatred with The War in Hell for the huge character derailment, the rape etc.
Current Stance: Drift back in and out depending on how busy/bored I am and/or my tolerance levels for mindbreakingly bad comicry (is that a word? It should be). My actual relations to this thread are somewhat linked towards my interests in the rest of the GITP forums (sometimes inversely, for some reason).

Name: MWchase
Started Reading: Eesh, I can't even remember. Sometime before Keenspace turned into Comicgenesis, I think.
Joining GiTP Thread: Poked around for a few months towards the end of 2010, joined mid-December.
Starting Disposition: Generally positive. This remained until the end of 2010. (Partly because I seem to have repressed the memory of Maltak.)
Time to Convert: Started getting conscious doubts around the end of 2010, got annoyed enough to join when Mookie pulled out (allegedly not) a Watchmen reference in the middle of what was supposed to be dramatic. Allegedly, it was meant to be a reference to a Doctor Who episode, from before Mookie was born, and it didn't sound particularly like what Karnak said, anyway. Which also brings up the question of what a Maltakian is doing butchering a Doctor Who quote.
Current Stance: Trying to distance myself. If I dull my emotions enough, I should be able to care about stuff like characterization and plot just as little as Mookie does. (See the current (March 2011) Facebath arc, which is about how everyone is awesome and lives in perfect harmony, at least among the main characters.)

Name: Myrdhale
Started Reading: End of the Soul of Storms arc, But I went through the archives first.
Joining GiTP Thread: Lurked During the war in hell, actively joined at the unholy sight of the Aardvark. I have yet to forgive Mookie for the Terror seeing it caused.
Starting Disposition:I genuinely enjoyed DD during the first few arcs. I was a little put off by the erossus arc; the overly sexual jokes, in really childish ways, struck me really as a very immature attempt to make a comic 'more adult'. But I went with it, and had a great time right up until the Battle for Barthis.
Time to Convert: Started having my doubts right after the Storm of souls, but only truly began doubting at the Snowsong arc. From there on in, its just kept getting worse.
Current Stance: Morbid Fascination. I have some aspirations of writing a webcomic and novel, so I also take Mookie as a cautionary tale. Not just his writing and story, but his disposition towards fans and critiques. I'm sure he's a very nice person, but as an Artist, he is everything I wish to avoid. So at least he serves some purpose.

Name: Neoriceisgood
Started reading: Somewhere around the Battle for Barthis
Joined GitP thread: Around last week I was reading Dominic Deegan, and suddenly the question popped up; "why am I reading this?"
Realising that I was only reading it because it was like a bad B movie, I suddenly realised that I had absolutely no excuse to read this comic unless I actually knew people I could bitch at about how hilariously contrived this comic is.
The next thing I did was googling "Dominic Deegan + Terrible" to see if I could find any place dedicated to active bitching, and one of the top results was the current active thread on giantitp.
As I was already registered I made it my new DD place for bi-snarking.
Time to convert (if applicable): Hard to say, I started reading Dominic Deegan based on one of my general rules by just looking at a few facts.
1. is it readable? - yes
2. does it update often enough to be worth bookmarking? - yes
3. is the last comic updated something I'd read? - yes
4. is the first comic posted "clean" enough to bother reading a few pages of it? - yes
5. [if the art is subpar] is the improvement from the first to the last page significant enough to expect the comic to move into the realm of comics with actual good art? - yes
I never really saw DD as a great or ingenious comic art/story and dialogue wise, but it passed a few of the basic rules that make reading a comic okay for me, I became a "snarker" during the holiday arc, as it triggered my inner conscious asking me why I was still reading it to begin with.
It's not that the comic wasn't bad before that moment, but it was more a calm collected realisation that the comic's "improvement" hardly went in the right direction, It just made me realise I honestly shouldn't expect it to ever get any better, and allowed me to realise that I'd have to settle with humouring myself by the notion of how bad it was.
Current stance: As said before, It's like watching some sort of bad B movie, I managed to salvage the fact that it wouldn't become good by fully embracing how terrible it'll always be, and in that will glorify each and every step the comic makes in it's negative spiral of being terrible.
Right now I'm completely indifferent about where the comic will go, if it improves I may regain some respect for it once more, though this path seems unlikely, if it stays bad I'll be actively laughing at it from the comfortable boundaries of this thread.

Name: Nerd-o-rama
Started Reading: Battle for Barthis, just before the concert
Joined Giantitp thread: around that time. I think the thread might have been how I found it, actually…
Starting Disposition: Enjoyed it, thought it was cute and clever during archive binge. Thought it lost something after the Storm of Souls climax, but figured it'd get it back. Neeewp.
Time to Convert: I think orc rape did it fully, so a couple months.
Current Stance: A genius of badness, but not something I read every day, even just to mock it.

Name: Ninja_penguin
Started reading: First Errosus arc, I think
Joined GitP thread: Difficult to pinpoint. I did a significant amount of lurking.
Starting Disposition: Was okay, I'm a bit of a webcomic junkie, and something that updated daily and wasn't lame pixel art worked for me
Time to convert (if applicable): When Klo Tark couldn't stay dead. or alive again, either, during the War in Hell arc. I really liked Klo Tark as a character the first time around, and thought that he had a good run. Bringing him back was iffy, but I was hoping that he was actually some sort of angelic version of an infernomancer, empowering the human form that we'd originally seen. He pointless re-death by Siggy, and the equally pointless death of Siggy directly afterwards tore it for me.
Current stance: I read to keep up with the strip slays. if not for that, it'd have dropped off my radar long ago. I still miss the updates randomly as it is.

Name: nooblade
Started Reading: ~Oracle Hunter
Joining GitP thread: Sometime around then. Actually read strip slays first, then went to comic, then these series of threads.
Starting Disposition: The first ones (up to the sixth comic?) were great. Just like the strip slays, short and witty. Then the plot started to creep in behind my nerves (actually, plot kicked down Dominic's door, and I kinda laughed, but looking back, all I have to say is that that was a miserable day). I also resented the way the upper castes got so much attention when they aren't even funny half the time, it'd be more funny if we saw random people in action too for some pun-age for no good reason. Before I knew it, I went through the whole archives, thinking only about strip slays and hoping to find some more of the funny stuff…
So I dunno what to call it. Expectant, you might say.
Time to convert: Instantaneous
Current Stance: Now I think I'm done. There's nothing more to talk about, no new brilliantly witty jokes to make, really. Making fun of the art would be beating a dead horse. Expounding on character development would be dull, since I've lost respect for any of them long ago. And the fifth caste is dying out. It's so sad.

Name: Oracle_Hunter
Started reading: The beginning of "Shadows" though I Archive Binged before reading the current comics
Joined GitP thread: Around the same time I joined the GitP forum I had been lurking briefly, and was unsure of a good handle when Winterwind popped a link to the then-unresolved "Oracle Hunter" Arc, which tickled my sense of irony. Oh, specifically in Thread II, Page 46.
Starting Disposition: I was fascinated by Mookie's guileless application of Tropes, and while I could see that the comic was weak in many places, it certainly seemed better than some of the other comics I've read.
Time to convert (if applicable): "Snowsong" was pretty dumb, but to be honest it wasn't until Jayden was derailed in "Shadows" that I was truly outraged by Mookie.
Current stance: I've become increasingly embittered since the Derailment of Jayden. I still have fun with the snarking, but since "The Neverending Arc" it hasn't been as pure a joy. Mookie is finally getting to me.

Name: PaladinFreak
Started reading: Around the beginning of the Oracle Hunter arc
Joined GitP thread: Almost as soon as I started reading. I mostly just lurk though.
Starting Disposition: I found it moderatly funny in the beginning, and liked Storm of Souls, but started WTFing around War in Hell.
Time to convert (if applicable): Very little.
Current stance: I read the strip to keep up with the thread. I lurk, lurk, lurk. Every so often I'll jump in.

Name: Simon/Darth Graphite (Paragraph)
Started Reading: Vacation arc was well underway , and I saw the latest page (something with Hobgoblins, I think) at a friend's at sunday. I remembered seeing a DD thread in the forums, so I told my friend that a lot of people seemed to hate DD; he said he loved it and I should check it out, so I did, reading the archives first and ending when Bort came to.
Joining Thread: About a month later, after being surprised how many flaws you reallly could find in the single strips. I thought most people here were kind of overreacting and thought it my duty to bring in fresh opinions and some of my legendary optimism.
Starting Disposition: I had liked most of the archive, and had not yet to experience day-by-day vacation, so apart from the art, I definitely enjoyed DD so far and loved the daily updates.
Time to Convert: Monday this week, when after Aardvark returned, just about nothing happend but a splash page which had been wasted…
And Dex' by now famous expression summed it all up: This is the end of optimism. It can't get any better, it will only get worse. I had waited and hoped so long for action after only experiencing the dying throes of dreadful vacation, then THIS sorry excuse for a battle came along and something died inside of me - to be replaced by someONE different.
Current Stance: I'm in a win-win situation. Either Darth Graphite will get a chance to work his snarky ways, or Simon will not have hoped in vain if a good comic comes about.
To indicate this, I will differentiate who wrote which post of mine by changing the signature at the end . Also, if Graphite wants to say something in Simon's posts, he will do so in Firebrick, Simon can post in Graphite's posts with Green.

Name: Palmer
Started Reading: Around the time the band arc kicked off. Lurked until the Wild Edge.
Time to Convert: I always avoided DD like the plague, it looked like one of those comics that was good but I just didn't like. Then I saw the truth, and could never turn back.
Current Stance: I wish I could go back to when I thought Neilen was Dominic, then thought he was Dex. The comic seemed interesting back then.

Name: Penquin47
Started Reading: Thanks to a link from here. I really don't remember exactly where I came in, but it was less than a year ago while still before the Vacation From Hell.
Joined GitP thread: To see what the buzz was about. Don't post much but I read it.
Starting disposition: I love stupid puns! The alliteration sucks. And I like the silly lazy anime art.
Time to convert: Still haven't fully, although it's really getting hard not to. I can even somewhat defend the Orc Rape as just part of the ZOMG DRAMA!!!111!!one!!!1!! turn the strip took.
Current stance: I still read it, and I'm the one person who still somewhat likes Luna… although I miss old actually-getting-better Luna and her relatively healthy relationship with Dominic… dang, I think I just fully converted.

Name: PhantomFox
Started Reading: Shortly after Snowsong
Joining GitP thread: Perused it for a while and make a comment here and there when appropriate
Starting Disposition: I liked it after doing an archive binge. This soon turned when the flaws were pointed out to me and I actually started thinking about it.
Time to convert: Once I started thinking about it critically
Current Stance: The strip is slowly devolving, giving me more wallbanger moments as they go on, and being horribly susceptible to fridge logic. The more you think about it, the less sense it makes. It's mostly like comic junk food.

Name: Phase
Started reading: Around this strip.
Joined GitP thread: As soon as I found it.
Starting disposition: Thought it was a really great comic… when reading the archives. I didn't realize what daily reading was like until I had found other, better webcomics.
Time to convert (if applicable): About a page. Thoughts went from "Hey, these guys are ragging on a great comic! What are they doing!" to "Wait, a cheek-what now?"
Current stance: Crappy comic, great riffing.

Name: Quayleman
Started reading: 2007
Joining the GITP thread: started lurking the tail end of Snarke on a plain
Starting disposition: I thought it COULD have been developed into a good setting, you know, BEFORE everyone became a racist.
Time to convert: Snowsong
Current stance: Mookie needs to go all or nothing. Either start slaying your own ideas, or start writing a story again.

Name: Radar
Started Reading: About the end of vacation arc. Generally because of Strip Slays thread, to get all the jokes.
Joining GitP thread: When the TIM/Celesto/Greg random fight begun (as i recall). Lurked in the Strip Slays thread much longer (beginning of the second one i think).
Starting Disposition: Strip Slays fan.
Time to convert: Started here, so it is no concerne of mine.
Current Stance: I like the wild slays and reading bizzare theories in DD thread. What's more fun, these theories make more sens, then the DD itself. Somehow the entertainment from reading a bad comic remindes me of this.

Name: Rappy
Started Reading: The Battle of Barthis…I think. Archive binging fried my brain and sense of space-time.
Joining GiTP Thread: I lurked in and eventually joined Thread IV.
Starting Disposition: It's bad, but in a good way.
Time to Convert: About two days of lurking.
Current Stance: Call out Joel and the 'Bots, because this is constantly striving for new levels of "so bad it's good".

Name: Raroy
Started Reading: The first thread. A few pages in.
Joining GitP thread: Lurked for a long long time. Two years? Made a dumb post. Hid while I was in shame. Rinse and repeat.
Starting Disposition: War in hell. It was a question of, "Why do I even care anymore?"
Time to convert: Pretty early, class action I believe.
Current Stance: It's just a fantastic time waster.

Name: Raz_Fox
Started Reading: Around the time Pam broke up with Greg, took me several days to read through the entire thing.
Joining Thread: I decided to make a post about how I actually liked DD… on the day of Catboy Celesto.
Starting Disposition: It's alright. I like some of the characters, and it has room for improvement.
Time to Convert: I haven't yet. I enjoy both the comic and the threads about it. Collateral Damage Man… hehe.
Current Stance: Wait and see is my current stance.

Name: RedScholarGypsy
Started Reading: Roughly here in VoD I saw it on keenspot and gave it a whirl.
Joining GiTP Thread: I saw 9th just as it was ending and was curious, and followed to X.
Starting Disposition: Puns are my crack. So bad for me, but I just need them. So DD seemed like another good source. Plot's also good, and if it's somewhat coherent I'll follow. Since it's hard to make me laugh, any comic that gets even a chuckle out of me I'll follow for a long time.
Time to Convert: Orcrape didn't affect me really, and Dejah calling it out was nice. But WiH continued…and continued… and am I the only one who thinks D deserved, if not that much beatdown, just a bit? Then Supergreg happened…and more bad comic book hero shtick…and instantly forgiving a mass-murdering oracle hunter? Plus alcoholic dwarves (But you better not stereotype orcs!) and every other tolkien race popped up, plus others. Next the cows will have a secret society. Hmmm…Dom in the secret cow level. Run gimpy! Yeah, i feel the snark.
Current Stance: Still somewhat a fan despite all. I usually read anything at the level it's presented. I don't expect sirloin steak when I buy a Hershey bar, but even I got pissed when cadbury shrunk the egg size, and that's kinda how I feel.

Name: rubakhin
Started Reading: Hrm - after my archive binge, I think I ended on the very day of SuperGreg. Jesus.
Joining GitP thread: When I finished it. I joined up just to read the snark thread. Now I am a marginally productive member of the GitP community!
Starting Disposition: The week I read it I was sorta nostalgic for when I was still in the single digits and liked watching kid's fantasy anime on TV (for some ungodly reason). It hit the spot at the time. I knew it wasn't fantastic or anything, but I got what I wanted out of it. And I liked that the love interest suffered from depression and a bad home life, and that earlier Dominic was a cranky reclusive bastard. Not so much heroic Dominic later on.
Time to convert: About a week after I finished it. I had thought the whole Snowsong arc was ridiculous and was having some issues with the protagonist and the condescension by then, but was willing to overlook all this. Only by then I had wandered on the snark threads and was digesting what I had read. After which I rapidly went from "That was flawed, but pretty satisfying" to "Wait a minute … Goddamn it, that was awful!"
Current Stance: I think Mookie has some potential, if he just tried. Like the one time he drew a violin bow upside-down. (I still do not forgive. ) It would have taken him thirty seconds to Google or YouTube a guy playing a violin and based his drawing off of that. Also, his experiments with a different facial style look markedly better than the snouts and cheek teeth we're used to, and I think a lot of the pacing problems and other kinds of things would clear up and evolve into something better if he switched to a typical comic/manga panel layout instead of adhering strictly to the four squares thing. Also, he'd benefit from an editor who can look over his scripts and point out when something doesn't make sense. He's never going to draw The Brothers Karamazov, but he could probably put together a nice way to kill time.

Name: SaintRidley
Started Reading: The beginning of time
Joining GiTP Thread: last thread, just because snarking on anything can be fun and funny.
Starting Disposition: It was ok. Nothing too huge at the beginning, people all looked deformed but that didn't bother me so much. The puns…. I have a lifetime's worth of bad puns for my friends who love puns.
Time to Convert: I always snark, at least a little, on things. Yes, even when I like them. So I'm not sure I've ever really converted so much as been.
Current Stance: Still a fan, but really only for the snark at this point, and most things now just make me wonder why. Really just wish it was more like it was right at the beginning, plus some more Celesto F*** YOU, HE'S A BIRD! and TIM. TIM's just cool like that. We could drop several characters off a bridge and I wouldn't mind. I really don't know. Conflicted.

Name: Schlega
Started Reading: Some time around 2006 or 2007
Joining GiTP Thread: I don't recall exactly when I started lurking, but when Snarks on a Plain came around and no one was willing to make the obligatory slay, I had to step in.
Starting Disposition: I initially thought it had potential.
Time to Convert: About half way through the archive binge it turned into "Gah! It's a train wreck but I can't look away!"
Current Stance:

I read it with thimbles, I read it with care;
I peruse it with forks and hope;
I threaten its life with a railway-share;
I slay it with smiles and soap.
Name: SnowballMan : Arch-Nemesis to Johnny Blade
Started reading: No clue. I was looking for a new good comic to replace a few that had stopped being worth reading. And as with all new comics, I jump straight to the beginning and start archive binging until I decide it's not worth it or I come up to the current one.
Starting Disposition: I like really bad puns. So I liked the way it started out. I think I stopped reading it when they got to Sin City. The only thing that got me back into reading through the whole of the archives was the Strip Slay thread. I used to do that a lot with another comic, and when that comic ended I was going through withdraw. (of course, we were a lot less critical of the source material there)
Current Stance: Partly snarky with a chance of cynicism later in the day. Honestly, if it weren't for the Strip Slays I wouldn't still be reading.

Name: Spectralphoenix
Started Reading: Around the Orc Rape section (somebody linked to it to start a paladin debate on the Wizards boards.) Didn't seem as bad (writing-wise) without the thousand comics worth of context about how awesome the orcs were and how everyone who didn't like them sucked, and all the attempts to justify it later on in the arc.
Joining Thread: Now.
Initial Stance: Started out kind of cool (the beginning of the comic, not the Orc Rape section,) then went downhill as the archives went on. Surely things were going to turn the corner and start improving again, right? RIGHT?
Time to Convert: I'm not sure if there was a single moment of insight when I realized just how bad the comic was or just a slow, steady march downward. It was probably around the Storm of Souls arc where things passed the Lameness Event Horizon.
Current Stance: So the last arc was basically a conspiracy by a dozen unrelated B-list characters to get together and talk about how awesome and important the Mary Sue is, and now we're in another never-ending battle sequence. Next up: Aforementioned Sue comes up with a ridiculous scheme to get rid of TiM and return Greg's superpowers (and possibly his ex-girlfriend.) Bonus points if this scheme gets Dex back with his ex. He only hit her instead of making misogynistic remarks like Taggerty did (and got killed for,) so he still has a chance.

name: starburst98
started reading: i think it was when dom slapped luna's mom with a fish.(i have lurked for EVER)
joined thread: finally see what was gong on in here
starting disposition: oh, another webcomic, i'll just read this
time to convert: think i finally said "screw it" around war in hell
current stance: hahaha, i can't believe i ever thought this was good!

Name: St. Salieri
Started reading DD: Around "Into the Woods" (the arc after Luna's introduction).
Joined GitP thread: I've followed the GitP DD discussion since late in the first thread, but only joined in a few pages ago.
Starting Disposition: When I started reading DD, I found the art charming, the writing clever, the characters engaging, and the puns deliciously bad. Little did I know that each of those qualities would be reversed in the years to come (except the puns, which just became stupid).
Time to convert: Medieval Rock Concert"Battle for Barthis" was one extended "WTF" for me (especially "salvation by rape" and the ensuing "in love with the rapist"). "War in Hell" slowed the descent somewhat, but not for long.
Current stance: This thread has grown steadily more entertaining in proportion to DD's increasing failure, and I now rely on it for my daily MST3K fix.

Name: Steilos
Quest: To snark Dominic Deegan.
Favourite Colour: Red! No, wait blu-Aaaahhhhhh
Started reading:..I don't even remember. I don't want to either.
Starting Disposition: To my everlasting shame I found the first bits of this comic to be actually funny. I liked it. I was thinking that there was no way in heck that this train could derail this far. It's like boarding a train in Bristol then sliding uncontrollably into Austrailia.
Time to Convert: The snowsong arc got a chilly reception from me (……dear god it's catching) and then the Aardvark came into the equation. At that point I just went to hell with it and drew obtuse-angles-that-are-really-acute on the walls, got myself a nice comfy sleeping bag and worshipped the elder gods for a week or two. After my belated recovery I came here to snark 'er up. even to this day I reassure my self that the bad blonde underpants man isn't coming back but he does he does he does he does he d0es

Current Stance: Sorry about that small hiccup there. I am sane now. I hope. Anyways, my current opinion is of slight curiosity couped with massive jadedness. I know this is going to get worse. I know we ain't scraped the bottom of the barrel yet. I know I am freqeunting fanfics to toughen up my mental defenses- Wait, why am I telling you this? All you need to know about my opinion is that just because we've fallen off of the bottom of the slippery slope, don't mean it's over yet. The seabed's slippery too. We ain't stopping till we hit a subduction zone and fall into the mantle.

Name: Tackyhillbillu
Started Reading: Since the first year, on and off. Took a sabbatical for a while, started up again when I got sucked back in.
Joining GiTP Thread: 9/20/09
Starting Disposition: Hmmmm, mildly approving.
Time to Convert: A couple of years. I was young and stupid.
Current Stance: I think I enjoy it more now then I did when I actually liked it. I enjoy watching failure, and Dominic Deegan is that in almost it's purest form.

Name: Textual Predator
Started Reading: Somewhere around the end of Erossus/the start of Storm of Souls.
Joined GitP thread: Just now. I've been lurking for a while, though. The roll call seemed to be as good a time as any to jump in. Er…hi? (Editor's note: Hi )
Starting Disposition: Initially, it seemed pretty good. Not brilliant, by any stretch of the imagination, but I liked the fact that most of the characters had support abilities rather than openly offensive ones. It was like they were a low-level running a fantasy comic.
Time to convert: First came Mama Deegan. Then came the DBZ beam-trading antics of the Storm of Souls finale. The characters seemed to have suddenly power-levelled. With most of what I'd enjoyed about the strip stamped flat and left to die in the desert, I began to drift away, reading only out of inertia. Then came Orc Rape 2006, and a macabre fascination took hold of me. I may have gotten bored and wandered off a few times, but ultimately I couldn't stay away. I had to see what perversions of writing Mookie would attempt next. I never could have guessed just how deep the rabbit hole goes. These threads help soothe the madness, or at least to quantify it.
Current Stance: Horrified bemusement.

Name: Thalraxal
Started reading: Beginning of the Ecstasy and Evil arc (right whenever Stunt and Bumper ambushed Dom and Luna on their way to Erossus)
Joined GitP thread: Right now, have been an avid lurker since the Legendary First Thread
Starting disposition: Huge fan! DD was for a while one of my favourite comics, and one of the comics I suggested the most to my friends.
Time to convert (if applicable): Sometime during the War in Hell arc. I was surprised by Mookie's descion to go into the War in Hell so soon after SoS, and felt it would have been a better choice to give his cast a longer break instead of trying to one-up his last epic arc. I was also really worried about his habit of bringing back villains all the time, and didn't want to see the one villain he killed off for real (Helexia) come back again. The comic dropped off my regular reading list during the War in Hell, and I read it on and off throughout Two Thief or Not to Thief? and I probably would have dropped it completely before Snowsong if it weren't for this thread. Thanks alot guys.
Current stance: Everytime a storyline starts, I'm hopeful. I had the same feeling at the start of Snowsong, Shadow of Siggy, The Oracle Hunter and the current arc. It starts off good, and I get the feeling that this is going to be the story where Mookie gets good again… but he doesn't… and my hopes are dashed everytime. I keep reading partly because of this thread, partly because I do hope to one day have a webcomic of my own and I would like to avoid making the same mistakes Mookie has.

Name: Thanqol, Grey Seer Thanqol
Started Reading: I picked up Dominic Deegan… heck, during Storm of Souls' early days.
Joining GiTP Thread: Friday 16th September, 2009
Starting Disposition: Somewhere between stunned apathy and genocidal rage.
Time to Convert: I'd been sort of figuring DD was 'allright' for a while. But the latest arc had me wondering… "Is it just me who thinks the author is off his nut?" Sometime around the utter schooling of Jacob I realized that I was only reading out of habit, because this was a comic that updated regularly. I hadn't thought about it because it was vaguely interesting. But then I started wondering if the comic was even worth the minute or so a day I took to read the damn thing.
And when you start asking yourself that question regarding a free webcomic, you're in a bad spot.
The snap came when 'light' and 'darkness' were revealed as 'twins that wanted to be reunited'. Welcome to Some Idiot's Philosophy Lecture…
Current Stance: After reading a few back archives, including the utterly magnificent Slay threads and a few iterations of this thread, I realized that I'd only tolerated DD this long because I'd never spent the time to analyze it, never spent the time to think about what I was reading. And given my attitude to the comic, as long as it provided a pretty picture and a chance of getting a chuckle, it's unlikely I would. But this orc arc has so much goddamn suck in one place that it's retroactively poisoned the entire archives for me.
Now I see what I thought was mediocre writing stands revealed for the moralizing ass it is. If there's anything that gets my blood up it's sermonizing in fiction. Invariably, it's a weak attack on strawman opponents which compromises already weak characters with sloppy writing as their mouths are distorted to preach the author's poorly thought out morality. And they write reality around them to fit their simplistic ideas.
And none of them ever has an idea on how to do things better.
And Dominic Deegan has been that for a long time. And Maltak is such a vile example of uneducated philosophy that I just couldn't take it any more. The moral terms affectionately called 'light' and 'darkness', and Deegan's role as champion of 'balance' is a high school grade bastardization of Taoist philosophy. Issues are set up just to be blundered through with what a self-important snob regards as the right answer - like setting up a tissue paper and then slashing it with a steel ruler. Moral situations have consequences. Things go wrong. Bad things happen to good people and never get resolved.
And yet, everything always gets wrapped up in a neat bundle as the author tells us the 'right' way to deal with problems complex enough to ruin lives and break minds. And it happens so easily.
And thus, the rage came. And from rage, flowed Snark. Let it be so now; let it be so ever forth.
If you gentlemen will accept a humble Philosophy major amongst your holy brotherhood, I will be glad to join you.

Name: The Archivist
Started Reading: The March Across Maltak
Joining GiTP Thread: The March Across Maltak…three months later…
Starting Disposition: I first heard about the strip here on the OotS forum and “Your Webcomic Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad”. I thought people might have been exaggerating the badness of the webcomic, and decided to give it a shot. If worse came to worse I would understand the context of the strip slays.
Time to Convert: I believe my first thought on the comic amounted to “Seers catalogue? Really…Really?” It was gradually downhill from there with a few ups such as during points in the Storm of Souls arc (where it could have really been good, but instead swerved into a number of inappropriate brick walls near the end) until it just became awful during the Snowsong arc.
Current Stance: Dominic Deegan is a special kind of failure. It is the type of failure you can read and laugh at, but not so horrible it is unreadable like some webcomics. Reading Dominic Deegan is like watching a train wreck, a train wreck with puppies, kittens, nuns, orphans, and radioactive waste. You don’t want to watch, but you cannot help yourself and have a certain amount of guilty pleasure watching.

Name: TheCheshireHat
Started reading: I don´t quite remember, but I think it was sometime prior to the Storm of Souls arc
Starting Disposition: I liked it. Mostly, I think, this was a hangover from the archives but I still enjoyed it a fair deal. I couldn´t point to a precise moment, but eventually reading DD became a thing of habit.
Current Stance: I read it because otherwise I would miss out on the entertainment provided by this thread. I generally end up laughing at things that Mookie didn´t put in as jokes, and groaning at the jokes.

Name: TheLaughingMan (or Lost Hero to my friends)
Started Reading: Started archive trawling two years back, thanks to a guest strip on Eight Bit Theatre. It ended after the first arc, after I got too bored to continue.
Time to Convert: About a year back, when I finally looked back on it.
Joined GiTP: Bland Arc
Starting Disposition: The art was half-way competent, so I stuck around for a bit. That didn't last.
Current Stance: Mookie you hack etc.

Name: T-O-E
Started Reading: Insults to the comic across various forums and John Solomon's blog (a year or so after it was posted.) I tried to read it after growing bored of CAD mocking but couldn't be bothered with the large archive so I just started at the latest arc. This was during the water caller bit of Maltak, I remember. It made no sense to me then and I abandoned it after a few strips.
Joining GiTP Thread: Uh, June of last year.
Starting Disposition: Very negative. Some of the comic not as bad as I'd imagined it to be. Pleasantly surprised. I got to Maltak and it made a bit more sense. A bit.
Time to Convert: There was no conversion. I've always assumed it was bad.
Current Stance: Now I know it's bad. Gets increasingly worse and hamhanded, old quality is sacrificed for nonsense and intriguing ideas are consistently mangled.

Name: Tom Violence
Started Reading: Archive-binged my way up to somewhere towards the end of the Storm Of Souls arc (which was current at the time) over the course of only an evening or so, but then stopped reading completely for quite a long time (I blame all the pictures of Mookie's greasy head that are wantonly bundled in with the strip). I then discovered this thread, thinking at the title "Yeah, I quite like that strip too", but on discovering all the snark within I had to know what inspired such bile.
Joining GitP thread: No frigging idea, really.
Starting Disposition: As mentioned, initial fan.
Time to convert: In a flash. I have a vague inclination that I found this strip around the War In Hell arc, so not only was I confronted by the horrors of the Orc Rape Is All Great bit, but also references to the wall of cheese that was the Rock Concert In A Fantasy Setting
Current Stance: This strip has made me vomit appear in my mouth, and this thread made me laugh my hole off, too many times for me to ever think of looking back on the days when I enjoyed the strip with anything other than confusion and embarrassment.

Name: Trazoi
Started Reading: Half-way through the Oracle Hunter arc. Archive binged at the end of the vacation arc.
Joining GitP thread: Somewhere in the middle of the epic thread. It started as just a few questions and small comments until I figured out the nuances of the comic.
Starting Disposition: I was one of those people who started reading because of the monster threads here. I couldn't help but be curious about this webcomic that caused so many posts. So I started reading through an already jaded lens.
Time to convert: If anything, archive binging caused me to convert the other way. Once I'd read all the background I can see why so many snarkers were once fans. I liked the early arcs of cranky Dominic getting cursed with fish on his head - then it started to fall apart as Luna stole more page time and everyone gained ridiculous powers.
Current Stance: The comic teeters on an edge between good and bad. Or perhaps good and dull. There's a spark of a great comic in here. I think if Mookie listened to a few critics, got a friend to act as editor to his ideas and put some effort into self development, I'd think this comic could really shine. But since it's been several years of this, I suspect he's in a rut and it's only going to devolve from here. As it stands, Dominic Deegan is the webcomic equivalent of a soap opera; silly fluff you can't take seriously but is yet somehow strangely compelling. Strangely, that makes it a better read than about three quarters of all webcomics out there…

Name: Turcano
Started Reading: Here.
Joined Thread: I started reading out of curiosity as to why the comic was generating such a large thread, so I entered the thread the day after I finished the archive trawl (around page 50 in the first thread).
Starting Disposition: I thought it was okay, but not that great; I particularly noticed the preachiness and the fact that Mookie apparently hadn't gotten over how he was treated in high school and was using the comic to hash these issues out vicariously.
Time To Convert: Almost immediately.
Current Stance: The comic is a joke of the unintentional variety; unlike lazier webcomic hacks like Tim Buckley, Mookie goes to great lengths to make his work as terrible as possible. However, the joke is not that funny on its own; if it weren't for this and the strip slay thread, I probably would have stopped reading over a year ago.

Name: uncool
Started reading: I think it was during the vacation arc, though I honestly can't remember. Hey, what's that saw doing there?
Starting position: I started by seeing these threads, and looked up the comic. At first, during the archive trawl, I liked it, especially for the puns (to be continued in the next section)
Time to convert: When I reached the end of the archive trawl, I was getting tired of a good amount of it. Then, when I saw the threads discussing all that I had missed that was bad (see current stance)
Current stance: It's hilariously horrible. When you have a thread of snarkers coming up with theories as to how something can be that bad…well, you've created a one-of-a-kind thing.

Name: Vael
Started reading: Around 'Class Action,' I believe. I archive binged.
Joining GitP thread: I lurked for a time, then posted on page 24 of the first thread.
Starting Disposition: I didn't really pay close enough attention to the comic until I started lurking, so I was initially disposed to be nice to it, but when I first posted in the thread, I had been convinced.
Time to Convert: Uh… difficult to pinpoint. I think I was most of the way through my archive binge when I looked at the thread, then as soon as I caught up I was a snarker.
Current stance: This comic is grotesque and yet somehow grand, sinking to magnificent depths that describe an almost artistic level of failure. It is not for someone such as I to perceive it fully- it is too alien and strange- but to even grasp a facet of its terrible splendor of ineptitude broadens my mind.
It's like if you converted Cthulhu to a badly made webcomic. This is what would happen.

Name: Webox
Started reading: Around the Oracle Hunter Arc.
Joining GitP thread: Lurked since the middle of the third thread.
Starting Disposition: Well… you hear a lot about DD in various places i check(TvTropes, GiTP, others) and I was curious what all the fuss was about. It didn't strike me as a good comic from the start, but it wasn't awful then, either.
Time to Convert: The main reason I wanted to read the whole comic was so I could understand what was going on in these DD threads, so almost as soon as I finished the archive binge(wich I often had to stop due to boredom, in various separate attemps) I started enjoying the snark here, but mostly lurked… then started actively snarking in the middle of the vacation arc.
Current stance: Im in a So Bad Its Good stance.

Name: Whoracle
Started Reading: Here, then went on an archive binge.
Joining GiTP Thread: Dunno when my first post was, and I don't post all too often, but I joined before I first looked upon DD.
Starting Disposition: "Let's see what this is about." -> Binge.
Time to Convert: Two days later, when I hit this during my binge.
Current Stance: I've pretty much given up on the comic, but it's worth reading for the snark here alone.

Name: Winterwind
Started reading: During Storm of Souls
Joined GitP thread: ~page 50 of the First Thread (beginning of Snowsong arc)
Starting disposition: Optimistic if critical fan
Time to convert (if applicable): About 40 pages of GitP thread (end of Snowsong arc)
Current stance: Likes Dominic Deegan… because nothing is so very, very bad in so many, many ways. It's hilarious! I wouldn't want it to turn better even if it was, somehow, possible for Mookie!

Name: Wraith
Started reading: Somewhere around the apex of 'Into The Woods' and 'Couch Forts & Crying' (and mildly surprised that seemingly few people have been reading it for longer).
Joined GitP thread: February 14th, 2008, midway through the Oracle Hunter arc and out of coincidence rather than seeking out like-minded souls.
Starting disposition: Mildly entertained by a value-for-money Gag-A-Day fantasy webcomic, and read out of habit more than anything else. DD was little more than a gentle distraction over lunchtime websurfing.
Time to convert (if applicable): After 2 pages of binging the contemporary Snark Thread, and realising how much more sense (and fun!) was to be had than contained in the actual comic.
Current stance: Reading DD occurs almost exclusively to understand the context behind the Snark, which itself is revered as though it were part of a much better comic about a similar subject. If I were to put it into Video Gaming terms, the Snark is our 'Zero Punctuation' compared to Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire's 'Ctrl+Alt+Del', if you will.

Name: I'm just that guy. (YeahThatGuy)
Started Reading: Reply Hazy, try again. My first memory of Dominic Deegan was in a thread somewhere when another member posted something along the lines of "LOLOL TEH NOES DIS BE TEH WURST PUN EVARZ". The look of the webcomic immediately killed any curiosity I had. Later, I remember seeing the thread here for Dominic Deegan. I read, found it humorous, and occasionally read a few of the most-current strips ( at the time it was Snowsong but before SuperGreg ) to know what the hell you people were muttering to yourselves about. When SuperGreg appeared I found the reactions to it quite amusing.
Joining GitP thread: Recently, as obvious by the date I joined.
Starting Disposition: Bland, uninteresting.
Time to convert: When people took note of how manipulative Dominic looked during the talking-heads ending of Snowsong, I discovered a new outlook of the world. Suddenly, instead of finding Dominic Deegan bland, I found it to be a rich lode of dark, disturbing humor ( my favorite ).
EDIT: By the way, actually analyzing old cartoons will net the same reaction as analyzing Dominic Deegan. I never cared for the Jetsons but after watching the episode that Mac is built on Boomerang again gave me the chills at how horrific such a future would be.
Current Stance: I read the current strip when I can, cry, then come here to make the burns from my acidic tears worth it. I have not gone through the archive and read through it all, although I usually read whatever strip is linked-to in this thread ( which, over the time period that I've visited this thread, is a lot ) and I will admit that Mookie has created ( or "borrowed"? ) many ideas that ( could ) have been very interesting and/or good. I think the format he uses has crippled him, preventing any of those ideas from actually reaching their potential.

Name: Welf
Started Reading: 2007, exactly when the Aardvark came upon us
Joining GiTP Thread: Probably sometime 2008, then mostly lurking until 2009
Starting Disposition: Expected it to be an excellent webcomic, because I read some good things about it.
Time to Convert: When Outrage Chief kneeled. That was wrong on so many levels.
Current Stance: Probably bipolar. I know on an intellectual level it won't get better, but sometimes I imagine an upward trend.

Name: Yhuntresse
Started Reading: It was for a review I was doing of the webcomic where I started from the begining and ended near the begining of the Oracle Hunter arc.
Joining GitP thread: Mid-Oracle Hunter
Starting Disposition: The early stuff was mediocure with over-reliance on horrid puns and a writer who writes like a teenager who watches too much anime (and not the good kind). It just got worse as Dominic became more of a Mary Sue, the lack of subtilty, the stupid puns, bad art, too much of the ol' illusion trick, and character derailment that I skipped a few storylines to get my review done.
Time to convert: Instantaneous
Current Stance: DD is the comic I love to hate and mock. It's a perfect guide for aspiring writers on what not to do and a source of rage as to why such a hack can still have fans (I even met one once.)

Name: Zaq
Started Reading: I read in a nonsnarky manner from around the end of Ecstasy and Evil until the middle of Class Action, when I quit for several years. I started reading again (this time in a snarky manner) when Maltak ended. (I actually haven't gone back and read the intervening material, except in slays. I'm reading everything since I left for the first time with CurlyKitGirl.)
Joining GiTP Thread: I've been following the thread for a year or so, but I don't remember when I started actually posting.
Starting Disposition: When I was in high school, I thought that DD:OfH was the coolest comic on the Internet. That, fortunately, was a long time ago. When I started reading again, I was firmly in snark mode.
Time to Convert: Good question. I was obviously no longer totally in love with the comic by Class Action, or else I wouldn't have quit. I can't say for sure when I went into full-on snark mode, but that was probably around the tail end of Maltak (when I was introduced to the snark community).
Current Stance: I'm not sure how much worse the comic can get, but I don't see myself rage-quitting anytime soon. I've gotten enjoyment out of worse things, and this is a fun community. Besides, I have to do some form of penance for my uncritical high school days.

Name: zvbxrpl
Started Reading: Just at the end of Storm of Souls
Joined GiTP thread: Oct 2009, after being an unregistered viewer for a few months. I wanted my strip slay fix after the keenspot forums went poof.
Starting Disposition: I liked the comic. I thought it was pretty campy, but it didn't pretend otherwise, and was fun.
Time to Convert: The last arc I remember really liking was Two Thief. I continued reading out of habit, but only winced at the real Wall Bangers such as supergreg. I still genuinely liked some stuff, such as Quilt, but I think I was aware of a decline on some level. Around the vacation arc I started wondering why I still gave a damn, and slowly turned into an anti-fan.
Current Stance: This comic is a Franchise Zombie. The war in hell seemed like the setup for an even bigger conflict. Karnak played Dominic for a Xanatos Sucker, and TiM and Celesto were back. S*** looked like it was going to get real, and instead we have a series of halfhearted arcs that only vaguely touch on anything set up with the last two epic arcs, and when they do, they do so in artless and boring ways. By now, we should have had a final showdown and then the comic should have ended. Mookie does not seem to have an endpoint in mind, and that is a problem, even for a writer of serialized stories.