Soul Displacing Mookie Possession Syndrome

Or SDMPS, for short.

Even the existance of self-insertion Mookie Sues and the wide spread of the Plot plague do not suffice sometimes for Mookie's broadcast of his enlightened world-view and ethical opinions. In such cases, the force of Mookie can temporarily take possession of a character to force him to do Mookie's bidding. The character completely turns into a mouthpiece for Mookie's messages. A much more dangerous mutation of this affliction is the Karma Balancing Soul Displacing Mookie Possession Syndrome (SDMPS-KB), where Mookie specifically possesses Third and Fourth Caste characters to force them to deal completely just and not at all exaggerated punishment on other Fourth Caste characters, such as womanizers and people who happen to be athletic, who may spontaneously pop or be mutilated to a never-ending unholy existance of eternal torment and agony. In spite of its dangerousness, this is a very important thing to the ecological balance of the Deeganverse, for it keeps the hands of First and Second Caste members free of blood, while dealing appropriately with people Mookie finds somewhat unsympathetic.