Story Arcs

The story of Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire is organized into a number of episodic arcs, or chapters. Each arc generally contains its own complete story, and when it is concluded, the characters move on to their next adventure.

The arcs are:

Chapter 1: Oracle for Hire: An expository chapter that introduces Dominic, Spark, Stunt, Bumper, and Siegfried.
Chapter 2: The Curse: The comic's first real storyline. Introduces Luna.
Chapter 3: Luna: A direct continuation of The Curse, wherein that arc's consequences are dealt with.
Chapter 4: Into the Woods: Dominic and Luna's first adventure together. Introduces Greg, TIM, and the Sylvan Oracle.
Chapter 5: Couch Forts and Crying: The first of three short filler arcs that bridge the gap between The Curse and Visions of Doom.
Chapter 6: Makeover!: Filler arc. Introduces Rachel Hart and gives first mention of Jacob.
Chapter 7: Mob Mentality: Filler arc. Directly leads to the opening events of Visions of Doom.
Chapter 8: Visions of Doom: The third storyline, featuring the first appearance of Jacob. Introduces Milov, Jayden, Pam Chayler, and the Chosen.
Chapter 9: The Party: Filler arc serving as the epilogue to Visions of Doom.
Chapter 10: Ecstasy and Evil: The fourth story arc. Features the return of TIM as a recurring villain. Introduces Szark, Celesto, Miranda, Donovan, and Karnak.
Chapter 11: Hello, Nurse!: A short story arc focusing on Gregory's activities during the events of Ecstasy and Evil. Introduces Dex Garrit and Brett Taggerty.
Chapter 12: The Storm of Souls: The first 'epic' arc. The Chosen return and Dominic and all his friends must stop them from releasing a world-destroying entity. Introduces Quilt, Klo Tark, and Rilian.
Chapter 13: It's My First Day: Filler arc about Luna's new job at the School of Arcane Arts. Introduces Melna and her other co-workers.
Chapter 14: The Battle for Barthis: Story arc wherein Dominic and friends try to save the town of Barthis from being razed to the ground to build a stadium. Introduces Stonewater, Grench, and Bulgak Adrak.
Chapter 15: The War In Hell: Second 'epic' arc wherein all hell breaks loose. Introduces Hansi Reinholdt and Warlord Mustache. Features the death of Siegfried.
Chapter 16: Two Thief or Not Two Thief? Story arc focusing on Stunt, Bumper, and Luna.
Chapter 17: Wrapped Up and Returned: Filler arc. Sets up for later arc The March Across Maltak. Shows the return of Celesto and TIM.
Chapter 18: Class Action: Half-filler arc wherein Dominic begins teaching his Secrets of Divination class. Further sets up The March Across Maltak.
Chapter 19: Snowsong: Minor story arc where Greg defends Barthis from attack once again. Features the Aardvark.
Chapter 20: The Shadow of Siegfried: Story arc featuring the demonic return of Siegfried.
Chapter 21: Wrapped Up and Returned: Filler arc wherein Dominic proposes to Luna.
Chapter 22: Oracle Hunter: Story arc where oracles such as Dominic are being hunted by a familiar-looking assailant.
Chapter 23: Oh, Snap: Filler arc wherein Dominic goes crazy.
Chapter 24: Around the World: Also known as the Vacation arc. World building filler arc.
Chapter 25: Built to Resist: Story arc featuring the dramatic return of TIM and Celesto.
Chapter 26: The March Across Maltak: Tremendously long 'epic' arc that features more filler than plot.
The Beast 'Filler' chapter divided over multiple parts, each taking place between the following arcs. Contains more plot than any of them. Features the growing threat of an otherworldly horror that wants to consume the universe.
Chapter 27: A Nimmel House: Filler arc about Nimmel in college.
Chapter 28: B.Y.O.B.: Filler arc about Greg starting a band.
Chapter 29: Walk the Wild Edge: Filler arc about Stunt's adventures in the Wild Edge.
Chapter 30: Court of Karnak: Filler arc about Karnak and Siegfried fighting in hell.
Chapter 31: Altered States: Filler arc about Dominic and Luna going to the doctor.